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Catheter Cabinet from CMP includes Catheter Slides and optional stainless steel adjustable shelves, modular baskets, bins and trays. Available in Recessesed, Freestanding and Mobile models.

Catheter Cabinet – More sizes and options


Continental Metal Products offers many customized sizes and options in the Catheter Cabinet product line. Exclusively manufactured in hospital-grade stainless steel. Stainless Steel is required by Infection Control and Operating Room directors because it is easy to clean and will not rust, corrode, peel, or chip.  CMP allows you to custom order your Catheter Storage Units in the size you need for large or small Operating Rooms, Sterile Core, Cath Labs, Hybrid ORs, and Ambulatory Surgery Center. CMP’s variety of options meet clinical storage and infection control standards with a large variety of specialized components. 

CMP’s most popular 24″ deep model provides catheter slides that are 21” long and contains six hooks. 36” wide cabinets can be configured with up to six rows of catheter slides. 48″ wide cabinets can be configured with up to eight rows of catheter slides. Each slide accommodates 10 to 15 catheters per hook. 800 catheters can be stored in one single cabinet. Wider packaging can also be accommodated via adjustability from side-to-side. Stainless Steel cabinets are the preferred choice for catheter storage, due to the invasive nature of the procedures in these departments. For medical applications, hygiene is the highest priority and therefore stainless steel is the choice of material which offers the most hygienic, easy to clean surface. Catheter Storage Supply Cabinets can be outfitted to utilize only a portion of the cabinet with Catheter hooks and other portions with adjustable shelves, baskets and trays.

Cabinet Recessed Installation in Cath lab and Hybrid OR

Recessed Catheter Cabinet Available Dimensions

  • 24″w x 60″h x 18″d                 
  • 24″w x 60″h x 24″d
  • 30″w x 60″h x 18″d
  • 30″w x 60″h x 24″d
  • 36″w x 60″h x 18″d
  • 36″w x 60″h x 24″d
  • 42″w x 60″h x 18″d
  • 42″w x 60″h x 24″d         Catheter Cabinets- info – Cut Sheets 
  • 48″w x 60″h x 18″d
  • 48″w x 60″h x 24″d
  • 24″w x 72″h x 18″d                  
  • 24″w x 72″h x 24″d                       CUSTOM SIZES                   
  • 30″w x 72″h x 18″d
  • 30″w x 72″h x 24″d
  • 36″w x 72″h x 18″d
  • 36″w x 72″h x 24″d
  • 42″w x 72″h x 18″d
  • 42″w x 72″h x 24″d
  • 48″w x 72″h x 18″d
  • 48″w x 72″h x 24″d
  • 42″ w x 72″h x 26″ d
  • available Freestanding with optional slope top

Mobile Cabinet with lockable Casters and two rows of catheter slides

Mobile Catheter Storage Cabinet Sizes              

  • 36″w x 60″h x 24″d
  • 36″w x 72″h x 24″d
  • 42″w x 60″h x 24″d
  • 42″w x 72″h x 24″d.                
  • 42″w x 72″h x 26″d
  • 48″w x 60″h x 24″d
  • 48″w x 72″h x 24″d
  • slope top option

Cabinet Modular Components- Mobile, Recessed or Freestanding

  • Mobile modular Hybrid OR Supply Cabinet with storage bins, baskets, trays and catheter slide components42″w x 72″h x 26″d
  • Variety of interior components
  • Keyed or keyless locks
  • 6”h toe kick or no toe kick
  • Lockable Casters
  • Slope Top
  • combine different configurations of baskets and catheter slides (available opaque and transparent)


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