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Stainless Steel Hospital ‎Surgical Instrument Tables And Utility Work Carts for Sterile processing wth castors or adjustable feet and optional grid system and shelves above

​CMP Hospital Surgical Instrument Tables, Utility Tables or Sterile Processing / Central Supply work tables manufactured in Stainless Steel for Hospital Operating Rooms, Pharmacy, Sterile Processing, SPD.

Enhancing Efficiency in Hospital Settings with CMP Hospital Surgical Instrument Tables

CMP Utility Tables ensure seamless workflows by providing organized and sterile spaces for surgical instruments. 

Hospital Surgical Instrument Tables – Optimize Organization and Workflow:

CMP Hospital Utility Tables, manufactured in durable Stainless Steel, are engineered to streamline procedures across hospital departments. These tables offer dedicated compartments for surgical instruments, promoting efficient organization. Surgeons, pharmacy staff, and sterile processing teams can work confidently, knowing that each instrument is easily accessible, resulting in smoother processes and reduced operational time.

Hospital Surgical Instrument Tables – Sterile Design for Infection Control:

Maintaining a sterile environment is paramount in hospital settings. CMP Instrument Tables are crafted from hygienic Stainless Steel, ensuring easy sterilization. Their design facilitates proper airflow, supporting a sterile field and minimizing contamination risks in operating rooms, pharmacy, and sterile processing departments.

Customization for Varied Needs: Different hospital departments have unique instrument requirements. CMP Stainless steel utility Tables can be customized to meet specific demands. Whether it’s accommodating pharmacy supplies, surgical instruments, or sterile processing equipment, these tables can be tailored for each department’s needs, promoting efficiency and accurate instrument placement.Stainless Steel Hospital Utility Table for SPD, OR, Pharmacy

Flexible Configuration for Versatile Spaces: CMP’s multi-functional utility Tables can be custom sized and ordered with various configurations. Choose from options like legs, casters, or brackets for wall mounting, adapting the tables to the layout and requirements of your hospital spaces. This flexibility ensures that CMP Stainless SteelTables seamlessly integrate into different departments, enhancing their functionality.

Elevating Efficiency and Patient-Centric Care: In the fast-paced hospital environment, optimizing operations is crucial. CMP Hospital Surgical Instrument Tables contribute to streamlined workflows, allowing hospital teams to focus on patient care. With organized instrument placement and easy access, medical professionals can make quick decisions and perform procedures accurately, leading to improved patient outcomes across departments.

CMP Hospital Surgical Instrument Tables, manufactured in Stainless Steel for hospital operating rooms, pharmacy, and sterile processing, stand as versatile assets that enhance efficiency and patient care. With features like optimized organization, infection control, customization, and adaptable configurations, these tables empower hospital teams to deliver exceptional results. As hospitals continue to evolve,

Continental Metal Products Utility Tables and Surgical Instrument Tables Cut sheets 

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Features of Utility Tables / Surgical Instrument Tables

Utility Tables‎hospital stainless steel utility table.‎

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Raised No Drip Edge
  • Adjustable Bullet Feet
  • Riser Bar Options with shelves and grid
  • Adjustable Height Option for improved ergonomics
    • 34” to 39” working height range



Utility Tables – Model T-xx (xx = Width Size)

  • Width: 30″, 36”, 48”, 60” 72”, 84”, 96”
  • Depth: 25”
  • Height: 36” – 37½“
  • Adjustable height ergonomic model: 34” to 39”



CMP tables, cabinets, sinks, and work stations are comprised of one or more of the following modules arranged in battery to accommodate the needs of a particular hospital operating room. Each console shall be constructed of Type 304 stainless steel with No. 4 finish. Welding is done using the Heliarc process. All exposed welding is ground and polished to match the No. 4 finish. The product information document contains details about the following CMP products:

  • Utility Tables


Models for Hospital Surgical Instrument Tables

Standard Sizes: 

T-36  25″ Deep x #6″ High x 36″ Wide
T-48  25″ Deep x #6″ High x 48″ Wide
T-60  25″ Deep x #6″ High x 60″ Wide
T-72  25″ Deep x #6″ High x 72″ Wide
T-84  25″ Deep x #6″ High x 84″ Wide
T-96  25″ Deep x #6″ High x 96″ Wide
T-108  25″ Deep x #6″ High x 108″ Wide
T-120  25″ Deep x #6″ High x 120″ Wide

These models are part of CMP’s Standard Product Line. Many Other Sizes Available.



Options for Hospital Surgical Instrument TablesCastors for surgical tables with non markinking thread and brakes

  • Multiple Stainless Steel Under-shelves
  • Locking Castors- with brakes
  • Drawers Underneath Available in All Sizes
  • Nesting Sets
  • Backsplash Options
    • Left End Splash
    • Right End Splash


  • Ergonomic -Out of Box tables can be assembled to only one of 6 working heights from  34” to 39”
  • Riser Bar Options
  • Grid
  • Shelves

‎Stainless Steel Table with working height adjustability from 34 to 39 inches high

‎Stainless Steel Hospital Table with Overhead riser system with grid and shelf











Common Grid Accessories:

‎Stainless Steel Hospital surgical instrument table and sterile processing utility table or work table with grid and grid accessories including basket, bin holder, small and large hooks, utility shelf, solid top cantilevered shelf, reversible solid shelf, wire cantilever shelf option


Stainless Steel Hospital Instrument Table, utility work table grid or and Shelf options with solid or wire shelf options; ,



Cut Sheets




Cut Sheets for Decontamination Work Sinks, Hospital Surgical Instrument Tables & Utility Tables & Sterile Processing / Central Supply Work Tables

Other Sizes Available – Please Contact CMP