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Ambulatory Surgery Center with Doctor, Stainless Steel one Bay Surgical Scrub Sink, OR Console with Surgical Supply Cabinets and Blanket and Solution Warmer. and Sterile Processing Decontamination Pass Through window with Hinged Glass Doors

        Continental Metal Products has a broad portfolio of stainless steel equipment and surgical solutions for  Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ACS).

Pass through windows for Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Centers' Sterile Processing Department (SPD) from CMP. Hinged glass doors and double hing models.


CMP has Pass Through window in many different models and sizes, always in-stock ,  for you surgery Centers Sterile Instrument Processing Room, Endoscope processing, and Decontamination

Medical Blanket and Solution Warming Cabinets , all sizes, double compartment, single, countertop midsize for hospital use


Many Sizes to fit your workflow and space requirements.

Continental Metal Products stainless steel surgical scrub sink with plexiglass divider panels and surgeons cubing for surgery at scrub sink

Surgical Scrub Sinks

Available in 1-Bay, 2-Bay and 3-Bay models

Knee operated, Infra red electronic sensor and digital timer options. Wall Hung With chair carrier or stainless steel pedestal base

Operating Rooms & Surgical Solutions from CMP- Surgeons operating in Hybrid OR with Stainless Steel OR console contains Blanket / Solution Warming Cabinet and two Surgical Storage Cabinets

Stainless Steel Surgical Storage Cabinets

Adjustable shelves, Catheter slides, Pegboard and , lockable drawer options

Mobile Stainless Steel Cabinets to meet all Catheter, Instrument & Surgical Supply Requirements

Mobile and Modular Surgical and Instrument Storage

Mobile Storage for Catheters, Instruments and Surgical Supplies

Options include Catheter slides, Pegboard, Adjustable Shelves and Lockable Drawers.