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Pharmette Medicine Center from CMP- organizes and secures Narcotics as seen at Arima Hospital in Trinidad.
Stainless Steel Medicine Center Continental Metal Products

Stainless Steel Medicine Center

CMP Pharmette Medicine Centers are high quality stainless steel combination cabinets and working units. Our Medicine Centers have been designed for the storage and functional requirements of the hospital and emergency room environment and have evolved into the industry standard for this application. CMP’s Stainless Steel Pharmette Medicine Center    organizes and secures Narcotics in hospitals worldwide .CMP manufactures high quality stainless steel Medicine Centers in the USA and they are installed  in  hospitals in the U.S., along with many worldwide.

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Pharmette Medicine Centers Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Full Length Working Surface
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Flat Shelves
  • Adjustable Pan Shelves
  • Syringe Drawer
  • Storage Compartment – available on 60” (1524 mm)and 72”(1829 mm) units
  • Double-walled, Fully Insulated Refrigerator
  • Automatic Self-Defrosting Refrigerator
  • Locking Drawer Above Refrigerator
  • Electrical Receptacle
  • Narcotics/Hypnotics Cabinet with Locking Doors and Red Warning Light
  • 24 Compartment Card Rack (not available on PL models)
  • Fluorescent Lighting (not available on PL models)
  • Removable Stepped Medication Shelves (available on PVS models)


Pharmette Medicine Centers Dimensions

Width: 36″, 48″, 60″, or 72″ (914 mm, 1219 mm, 1524 mm, or 1828 mm)
Depth: 26″  (660 mm) or 20″ (508 mm)
Height: 80” high (2032 mm)

Pharmette Medicine Centers Service Requirements

CMP Medicine Centers are completely inter-wired, requiring only one single connection for each service. Required service connections are: ½ ” I. P.S. for hot and cold water supplies; 1 ½ ” I.P.S. for drain; 115 VAC, 15 Amp, single-phase, 60 Hz single electrical connection in circuit breaker panel. All servicing is performed from the front of the unit.


Pharmette Medicine Centers Construction

CMP Medicine Centers are constructed of type 304 stainless steel with No. 4 finish. Welding is done by the Heliarc process. All exposed welding is ground and polished to match the No. 4 finish. Medicine Center cabinets are constructed of No. 20 gauge fronts, sides and tops, and No. 16 gauge bases and counter tops.

CMP Medicine Centers have counter top working surfaces that are 39” high, extend the full length of the cabinet, and include an 11 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 6″ deep sink with an inverted “V” type edge at the front. Counter top and sink are of Type 304 stainless steel. The sink has radius corners and is integrally welded into the counter top. The sink has a combination hot and cold water faucet.

CMP Medicine Centers have adjustable stainless steel flat shelves for storage of individual plastic trays and/or removable stepped shelves for storage of stock medicines.

CMP Medicine Centers (PV models) have a medicine card rack located on the left hand wall above the counter top. The card rack has 24 compartments for 2″ x 2″ cards.

CMP Medicine Centers (PV models) have a cup dispenser for individual dispensing of standard 1-ounce paper cups.

CMP Medicine Centers have a 2,200 cu. in. (39 liter) narcotics/hypnotics cabinet located in the upper left section of the Medicine Center and is equipped with outer and inner doors. Each door has a separate lock and key – the outer door secures the hypnotics locker and the inner door secures the narcotics locker. A red warning signal is provided that activates when these doors are in the open position and remains on until the doors are locked.

CMP Medicine Centers include a biological refrigerator that is an integral part of the lower section of the Medicine Center. The refrigerator’s capacity is 4.5 cu. ft. (2.4 cu. ft. on the 36″ wide units), has automatic self-defrosting, and is equipped with three adjustable perforated stainless steel pans. The refrigerator is of double-wall construction and is fully insulated with urethane foam-in-place insulation. The refrigerator door is of No. 20 gauge stainless steel and has an edge-mounted latch and lock. The refrigerator is cooled by an air-cooled, 1/5 hp, hermetically sealed condensing unit (5-year warranty on the compressor). The refrigeration system has a temperature control with adjustable temperature setting – control is preset to maintain a 38° F to 40° F product temperature but can be adjusted for a range of 36° F to 46° F.

CMP Medicine Centers have a die-formed opening with removable waste container.

CMP Medicine Centers (PV models) have recessed fluorescent lights located at the front of the cabinet that is controlled by a silent switch.

CMP Medicine Centers provide a 125 volt, 15 ampere-rated, three-wire, ground fault interrupter dual outlet electrical receptacle.

CMP Medicine Centers include a removable stainless steel, one-piece, die-stamped drawer. The drawer is set into a frame that is mounted on ball-bearing slides and has a lock and pull handle.

CMP Medicine Centers include a spacious storage area located under the counter for storing bulk items.

The hypnotics locker door, inner narcotics door, optional security doors, syringe drawer, and the biological refrigerator door all have locks.

Models & Options

Available Models

Width Standard No Upper Shelves 3 Shelves &
Medicine trays
2 Shelves &
1 Step Shelf
2 Shelves,
step shelf & trays
36”/914mm PV-3 PL-3 PVT-3 PVS-3 PVC-3
48”/1219mm PV-4 PL-4 PVT-4 PVS-4 PVC-4
60”/1524mm PV-5 PL-5 PVT-5 PVS-5 PVC-5
72”/1829mm PV-6 PL-6 PVT-6 PVS-6 PVC-6

Available Options

  • Hinged Shatter-Proof Safety-Plated Glass Security Doors (Interior or Exterior)
  • Hinged Stainless Steel Security Doors (Interior or Exterior)
  • Roll-Up Security Doors (Interior or Exterior)
  • Sloping Dust Top
  • Stainless Steel Trim Strips for Recessed Installations
  • Wrist Blades for Faucets
  • Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Paper Cup Dispenser
  • Soap Dispenser (standard on PV models)
  • Security Alarm for activating buzzer when narcotics/hypnotics cabinets opened
  • Fluorescent Lighting (standard on PV models)
  • Additional Warning Light Below Counter
  • Connection for Remote Warning Light
  • Identification Cards for use with medicine trays
  • Medicine Card Rack (standard on PV models)
  • Medicine Cards for use with medicine card rack
  • Swing Spout Faucet
  • Equipment Anchoring Holes
  • Cork Bulletin Board
  • Interior Narcotic Compartment Light

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