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Medical Blanket and Solution Warming Cabinets , all sizes, double compartment, single, countertop midsize for hospital use

OPerating Room Pass Through Hospital Blanket and solution WarmerPass Through Warming Cabinet facilitates FIFO rotation

CMP’s Pass through Warming Cabinet / ​Pass Through Warmer provides for First In First Out (FIFO) rotation and inventory control. Supplies of blankets and solutions are easily stocked and transferred via the sterile corridor without entering the Hospital or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Operating Room. CMP’s Pass Thru feature ensures infection control while saving OR staff’s time. CMP Pass Through Blanket and Solution Warming Cabinets possess the largest storage capacity of 18.7 cu. ft.

Pass Through Warming Cabinet overhead cross section drawing



CMP Pass Through Warming Cabinet are typically constructed with a Solid Stainless Steel Door on Hallway side for privacy to meet HIPAA regulations and a Glass Door on Procedure side of the OR. Door options include; all stainless steel doors or all glass doors. One Chamber heated and one chamber for storage is an additional option. Lead Lined Pass Though Warmers are also available.

Electronic Interlock Doors  

CMP’s exclusive Electronic Interlock for Pass-Thru Warmers, prevents either door from moving when the opposing door is open. The OR environment is protected during material transfer, ensuring that the interlocked door cannot be forced open.

NEW Touchscreen Control for Pass Through Warming Cabinet


Revit ® Families for CMP Pass Through Warmers

Pass Through OR Storage Cabinets

Lead Lined Pass Through Warming Cabinet Option


Pass through Warming Cabinet Features

  • Touchscreen operation
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Over Temperature Alarm
  • Optional Glass doors with ¾” thick Thermopane glass for maximum energy efficiency
  • Electric heated compartments
  • Separately Controlled Chambers
  • Microprocessor control system
  • Digital Display indicators on beautiful Touchscreen display
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scale
  • +/- 2 degree F. Accuracy
  • Temperature Adjusting Lockout
  • Customizable Temperature Settings/Limits
  • Wire Shelves to maximize airflow
  • Removable Pilaster Strips for easy cleaning
  • U.L./CUL approved
  •  “QUICK-TEMP” temperature monitoring system utilizing USB flash drive for data logging -STANDARD FEATURE
  • Optional Fire Rated
  • Optional stainless steel or epoxy coated baskets – available with drawer slides, available on all models, many sizes available
  • Many Standard Sizes Available
  • Custom Sizes
  • Seismic anchoring
  • Lead Lined Unit for X-Ray Protection
  • Pass Through Feature
  • Fully-Recessed or Partially Recessed Installation


  • Dimensions

    •  24” or 30” wide X 21” or 27” deep – 610 mm or 762 mm wide X 533 mm or 686 mm deep
    • Single Compartment Height: 45”, or 74” – 660 mm, 1143 mm, or 1880 mm
    • Double Compartment Height: 60”, 72” or 74” – 1829 mm or 1880 mm

    Service Requirements

    120 VAC, 7 or 12.5 amps, 60 Hz, single phase electrical supply through a single connection to the integral circuit breaker panel.

    Units are also available for 220/240V, 50/60HZ


Pass Through Warmer Construction

Continental Metal Products Pass Through Warming Cabinets are constructed of 18 gauge, type 304 stainless steel with a No. 4 finish.

The heating chamber shall be insulated with 1 ½” thick fiberglass insulation. DSW1AE models contain one adjustable wire shelf and DSW2AE models contain three adjustable wire shelves. Compartment shall have an insulated double-wall door with semi-concealed pivot hinges with magnetic catch and heat resistant gasket. ¾” thick clear Thermopane glass doors are available as an option. Warming Cabinet shall be capable of heating contents within 2 to 6 hours depending on load. Chamber heating system is electric and utilizes strip heaters that are mounted on the rear wall concealed behind a removable perforated guard. When specified, door shall also be available for the other side of unit as a “pass-through” feature, enabling loading of the Warming Cabinet from either side of unit.

The Pass-Thru Warming Cabinet contains a microprocessor control system with a digital display. Components shall include thermostatic temperature control, lighted rocker arm power switch, 15 amp circuit breaker protection, heat indicating lamp, continuous air circulating fan, Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion button, 180 degree hi-limit cut-off thermostat for over-temperature protection with red warning lamp and audible alarm buzzer. All operating controls and indicators shall be functional and visible from the exterior of cabinet. All temperature settings and limits can be customized utilizing the buttons on the front control panel. Users can adjust limit alarm setpoint, delta alarm setpoint, low range setpoint and high range setpoint. A lockout feature is standard and can be enabled to prevent any adjustments to the current settings. An optional USB port can be provided on the front control panel for easy access to temperature history data utilizing a USB flash drive.


  • DSW-2AE-PT • Double Compartment Pass Through Warming Cabinet• Full Sized ModelPass thru warming cabinet with touchscreen
    • Single or Dual Compartments
    • Two Compartments Heated or Upper Compartment Heated with Lower Storage Compartment
    • 30” wide X 74” high   (762mm W  x 1880mm H)   Outside Dimensions, 410 lbs.
    • Available in either 21″ or 27″ depths;  (533mm or  686mm deep)
    • Storage capacity 13.9 cu. ft (21″ deep) and 18.7 cu. ft (27″ deep)
    • Adjustable Wire Shelves


  • DSW1AE-FH-PT • Single Compartment Pass Through Warmer • Full Sized ModelPass Through warmer single chamber
    • 30” wide X 74” high (762mm W x 1880mm H) Outside Dimensions, 400 lbs.
    • Available in either 21″ or 27″ depths;  (533mm or  686mm deep)
    • Two Compartments Heated or Upper Compartment Heated with Lower Storage Compartment
    • Storage capacity 14.8 cu. ft (21″ deep) and 19.8 cu. ft (27″ deep)
    • Adjustable Wire Shelves



  • DSC-5-PT• OR Console – Double Compartment Pass Thru Warming Cabinet• 60″ High ModelPass through warmer 60 inches high for OR Console
    • 30” wide X 60” high (762 mm W x 1524 mm H) Outside Dimensions, 400 lbs.
    • Single or Dual Compartments
    • Two Compartments Heated or Upper Compartment Heated with Lower Storage Compartment
    • Adjustable Wire Shelves


Many Other Features and Options Available – Please see Specifications, Options & Cut Sheets

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Cut Sheets

Pass through Warming Cabinet Cut Sheets

    Pass Through Warmer drawing

Pass Through Warming Cabinets forHospital Operating Rooms - cut sheets and drawings

Continental Metal Products Pass Through Warming Cabinets with drawing

“QUICK-TEMP” Temperature Monitoring System

Many Other Features and Options Available – Please see Specifications, Options & Cut Sheets


Nurse with patient using warmed blanket from Continental Metal Products' Hospital Blanket Warmer - Two Compartment Blanket and Solution Warming Cabinet with state-of-the -Art Tochsceen Controls