Stainless steel equipment for hospital sterile processing department (SPD) including double hung pass-through window. surgical instrument pegboard and decontamination worksink with sterile processing tech

Sterile Processing Stainless Steel Equipment Solutions (SPD)

CMP specializes in Stainless Steel Equipment to address many of the storage, transport, reprocessing and decontamination needs of your Sterile Processing Department (SPD). A wide variety of sizes and options are available to fit all requirements of your Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center (ACS) requirements and unique space limitations.

Our Sterile Processing Solutions improve workflow, and protect your important surgical instruments. Check out CMP’s many sizes and types of Pass-Through Windows, Surgical Instrument Pegboards, Pegboard Cabinets and Decontamination Reprocessing Work Sinks.

Stainless stee pass through windows for sterile processing department (SPD) in hospitals and ambulatory;atory surgery centers (ASCs) including double hung, hinged and full pass through assembly


Pass Through Windows to facilitate movement of surgical instruments into the decontamination area of the hospital or Ambulatory Surgery Center

Stainless stel surgical instrument pegboard and hooks and baskets for hospital sterile processing department (SPD)


Medical Grade SPD Instrument Pegboards constructed of Stainless Steel, designed specifically for hospital use.Wide variety of pegboard accessories including single hooks, double hooks and baskets.

stainless steel Decontamination sink for hospital and ambulatory surgery cent sterile instrument processing department


Reprocessing and Decontamination worksinks in both fixed height and adjustable height. Customize your sink size , number of sinks and configuration.

Stainless Steel surgical instrument pegboard cabinet for Steril processing department in hospital or surgical table accessory cabinet in operating room


Stainless Steel Pegboard Cabinets for SPD are available recessed, mobile and freestanding with optional Slope top.

Full height (60 ” or 72″ H)models available in 24″. 36″. 42″ and 48″ widths, as well as small wall cabinets.