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USP 800 / 797 One bay scrub sink with eyewashA Hands-free, USP 800 scrub sink, is important to facilitate proper hand washing before donning the gown in the USP 800 pharmacy anteroom. It is important to select the appropriate hand wash/eyewash sink to fit the layout and size of the positive anteroom next to the HD Compounding areas to meet USP’s standards. The USP 800 scrub sink with emergency eyewash is located in the scrub room, to minimize the risk of bringing contaminants into the pharmacy anteroom.

USP 800 Sink Requirements 

  • A sink must be available for hand-washing
  • A plumbed Eyewash station meeting applicable laws and regulations must be available.
  • Locations of water sources and drains will not interfere with required ISO classifications
  • No sinks or floor drains are included in the HD buffer.
  • In ISO Class 7 ante-room, a hand washing sink must be placed in the ante-room at least 1-meter from the entrance to the HD buffer room to avoid contamination migration into the negative pressure HD buffer room
  • A hand-washing sink must be placed at least 1 meter from C-PEC and may be either inside the non classified room or directly outside the C-SCA

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USP 800 Eyewash Requirements

  • Factory Pre piped for easy installationeyewash for USP 800 Scrub Sink.
  • 2 polypropylene spray heads 
  • each spray head has a flip-top dust cover
  •  Internal 1.6 GPM flow control and filter to remove impurities from water
  • Meets ANSI z358.1-2014
  • dual thermostatic mixing valves ensuring temperature control protection
  • easy 65-100 degree swing down to activate water flow
  • In-line strainer to protect spray heads and valve components from debris in water line

It is important to specify a supplier that understand the needs of USP 800 pharmacies, hospital Operating Rooms and Ambulatory Surgery Center when specifying a stainless steel USP 800 scrub sink. Continental Metal Products has been designing and manufacturing Stainless Steel Scrub Sinks and hospital hand washing sinks for over 70 years.CMP supplies these sinks and other stainless steel healthcare equipment o facilities world wide. All healthcare equipment is manufactured in Woburn, MA USA, meeting the BAA and FTA applicable with certified , made in America sheets of stainless steel.

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