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Stainless Steel Endoscope Storage with HEPA Filtration System is now available from CMP. Safely store all your processed endoscopes between procedures.  Cabinets contain HEPA filtration system that is 99.99% efficient to 0.3 microns, exceeding AORN scope storage recommendations. Filtered air creates a positive pressure environment and is constantly passed over endoscopes to inhibit bacteria growth.  Many cabinet sizes are available to accommodate all sizes of endoscopes. CMP’s Endoscope Storage cabinets accommodates colonoscopes, endoscope ultrasound scopes, TEE probes, bronchoscopes and cystoscopes. Each endoscope cabinet offers a padded vinyl back wall to prevent damage to scope optics.Endoscope Storage Cabinet for drying, storage and transport of endoscopes : scope storage

Stainless Steel Endoscopic Storage Cabinet specs & options

Endoscope Storage Cabinet from CMP meets endoscopy storage, drying and transport needs in hospitals, GI labs, ambulatory surgery centers and endoscopy centers.

Endoscope Storage Cabinet

CMP’s Endoscope Storage Cabinet is the solution to your endoscopy storage needs. Continental Metal products’ high quality Endoscopy Storage Cabinets will meets the requirements of  hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and endoscopy centers. These versatile Endoscope Storage and Supply units are manufactured in Recessed, Mobile or Freestanding models, with flat or slope top. CMP will  customize and configure their Endoscopy Storage Solutions to your unique requirements.

CMP Stainless Steel Endoscope cabinets provide the utmost in Accessibility — Each endoscope holder provides GI and ENDO Lab professional quick access and visual inventory of remaining stock.

Endoscope Storage Cabinet Configuration

CMP’s most popular  cabinets are configured with endoscope management hook systems to hang inventory for quick visual access. 

Stainless Steel cabinets is the best practice for endoscope storage, due to the invasive nature of the procedures in these departments. For medical applications, hygiene is the highest priority and therefore stainless steel is the choice of material which offers the most hygienic, easy to clean surface.

Endoscope Storage Cabinet Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Non-porous chamber construction using stainless steel
  • Full-Height Storage Cabinets
  • Full-View Doors for Complete Visual Inspection with Chrome Plated Pull Handles and Roller Catches
  • Louvered vents on top and bottom of doors
  • Scope hangers
  • lower rack to keep scopes aligned
  • Removable drip pan floor
  • Gasket-less doors
  • Padded back wall preventing damage of scopes
  • Shatter-Proof Safety Glass in Doors
  • Many Sizes and features Available to fit your endoscope storage needs


  • HEPA filter 
  • Power ventilation fan
  • Slope top
  • Mobile option – Casters with locks
  • Fully welded construction


Endoscope Storage Cabinet Dimensions

24”, 30”, 36”, 42” or 48” wide x 18” or 24” deep x 60” or 72” high

610, 762, 914, 1067 or 1219 mm Wide x 457 or 610 mm Deep x 1524 or 1829 mm High

Mobile Endoscope Storage Cabinet

36” or 48” wide

24″ deep

Height with Casters – 65″ or 77″ high

Slope Top available – additional 9″



Endoscope Storage Cabinet Construction

Endoscope Storage Cabinets shall be full-height storage cabinets for either free-standing or built-in installations. Full-view doors shall allow complete visual inspection without blind areas caused by cross pieces. Cabinet shall be of Type 304, 18 gauge (1.2mm) stainless steel with Heliarc-welded construction. Welds shall be ground and polished to No. 4 finish.

Endoscope Hooks

Cabinets shall include hooks for storage of endoscopy equipment. Quantity and location of slides are determined by customer requirements and will be mounted to the back of the cabinet 



Two full-height, glazed doors shall be provided with stainless steel perimeter frame, Heliarc-welded to form rigid structure and polished to No. 4 finish. Doors shall have ¼” (6mm) thick shatterproof, safety glass panes. All doors shall be supplied with chrome plated pull handles, hinges and roller catches.







  • Sloping Dust Top – No. 20 gauge (0.9 mm) stainless steel for freestanding installations.
  • Free-Standing
  • Recess Mounted Finished End Panels – For freestanding installations
  • Hinged Solid Stainless Steel Doors
  • Roll-up tambour doors – manual or automated
  • Locks
  • Stainless Steel Pedestal Base
  • Other Sizes and Options Available
  • Casters with locks for Mobility

Note: The 72” ( 1829 mm) high cabinets contain one fixed intermediate shelf.


Endoscope Storage Cabinet Models

  • Available 42” wide x 66-1/4” or 78-1/4″ high x 26” deep
  • Model Designation: SC2-WH-D-MD-M-S where W=width, H=height, D=depth, MD=Modular Components, M=Mobile, S=Slope Top


Example:  SC2-4260-26-MD is a 48” wide x 66-1/4″ high x 24” deep unit



  Custom Sizes Available

Cut Sheets

Cut Sheets

Stainless Steel Catheter Storage Cabinets From Continental Metal Products spec sheetStainless Steel Endoscope Storing and Drying Cabinet drawing and options


1. All reprocessing steps provided in the flexible endoscope’s instructions for use, including drying steps, need to be completed prior to placing device in the CMP Endoscope Drying & Storage Cabinets. There are many different guidelines and industry standards for storage of scopes. It is recommended to conduct a facility assessment to determine which guidelines and standards are best to follow and include in your department’s policies and procedures.