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CMP Recessed Stainless Steel Modular OR Console with Cabinets and Flexible cells, baskets & Trays in Mt. Sinai West - Surgical Suites_Int Intraoperative Procedure Room 2_Copyright Andrew Rugge

Medical and Surgical Modular Storage Cabinets & Casework and organization systems in our stainless steel cabinets.

Recessed modular medical storage cabinet in stainless steel with trays , baskets and binsPlease see our Modular Medical Storage Cabinets section for details.  These systems can be utilized in our entire cabinet product line.

To meet the demand of today’s operating rooms, CMP has now developed a complete line of Stainless Steel Mobile Operating Room Storage Carts. These portable supply carts can be configured for any application and are available with two or three storage systems. Custom sizes are available. The Mobile Procedure Carts utilize CMP’s Modular Storage Solutions allowing for unlimited storage configurations. Users can select from different sizes of ABS baskets and trays which can be installed horizontally or angled for viewing. Shelves, catheter slides, pegboards and lockable internal stainless steel drawers are also available. Accessory locations and orientation can be easily changed to meet the current surgical procedure’s requirements. CMP Mobile OR Carts can be outfitted with Trays, Baskets and other accessories to meet all the modular storage solutions of your Operating Room clinicians.

Hybrid OR Cabinet with Baskets, Trays & Cath Slides

  • Hinged glass doors, hinged stainless steel double pan doors or
    tambour roll-up doors
  • Available  42” wide  x 60”, 72”, 80” or 90″high x 26” deep
  • Available 1099.8mm wide x 1828.8 mm high x 660.4 mm deep
  • Available with any combination of Baskets, Trays, Catheter slides Stainless Steel Adjustable Shelves
  • Recessed, Freestanding or Mobile with 5′ Casters
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Continental Metal Products storage systems are designed to provide quick item identification and retrieval; easy reconfiguration and expansion; and the option to maximize all available supply space. CMP offers a wide range of storage solutions designed to improve organization and maximize storage space within OR settings.


Stainless Steel Mobile Operating Room Storage Carts

CMP’s Modular Storage Casework and cabinets establish a Flex Cell, flexible storage system that organizes a hospital’s most supply-intensive departments.

Mobile Modular Medical Storage Cabinet with Slope top



How CMP’s Modular Medical Storage Cabinets Works

The interiors of these hospital surgical supply cabinets can be configured with the standard Flexible Cell system or designed to address the storage and supply needs of specific departments. These versatile designs can include catheter slides for Hospital Operating Rooms, Cardiac Cath Labs, Hybrid ORs, IR Labs, EP labs and Ambulatory Surgical Centers. .Continental Metal’s stainless steel medical supply cabinet construction is impervious to moisture, bacterial degradation, and corrosion.


Modular Medical Storage Cabinets Features

  • recessed stainless steel operating room cabinet with modular trays and baskets from CMPCustomizable Shelves, Bins, Baskets, Drawers,
  • Dividers
  • Glass Hinged or Roll Up Doors
  • Optional Premium Locking Casters
  • Optional Catheter Slides
  • Optional Adjustable Stainless Steel Shelves
  • Optional Pegboard
  • Optional Internal lockable Stainless Steel Drawers 




Click to Request a Quote or Information from Continental Metal Products.‎Contact Continental Metal Products to learn more about how the flexible healthcare storage solutions  can help hospitals and healthcare facilities better manage their supplies to operate more efficiently.

CMP is happy to custom configure your Modular Medical Storage Cabinets.


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