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Stay at the forefront of healthcare excellence with Continental Metal Products’ “News & Product Updates.”  This blog / News Page offers insightful industry perspectives, timely updates, and advancements in Stainless Steel medical equipment. 

Continental Metal Products (CMP) brings you current  innovation, industry trends, and exciting product developments. Explore with us as we share valuable updates that matter most to your healthcare client or facility. Discover the innovation that CMP continually delivers. Welcome to a resource that keeps you at the forefront of state-of-the-art advancements in the medical equipment landscape with Stainless Steel healthcare solutions from CMP. 

Blanket Warmer Cart - Mobile Table for single compartment Blanket Warming Cabinet

Blanket Warmer Cart

Blanket Warmer Cart -CMP's Mobile Cart provides Effortless Mobility. Blanket Warmer Cart CMP's  Portable Solution for Storage  of Hospital Countertop Warmers with the easy option of mobility for Convenient Relocation if required. CMP Model # DSW3AE-T-30,...

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SPD surgical instrument pegboard, stainless steel instrument board in sterile processing department of hospital

Choosing the Right Pegboard for Surgical Instruments

Continental Metal's Versatile Solutions make it easy to choose the best Pegboard for Surgical Instruments  to fit your SPD. When it comes to selecting the ideal Surgical Instrument Pegboard for your Sterile Processing Department,  Continental Metal Products...

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Cath Lab Cabinets for stationary, recessed and mobile storage of catheters and Cath lab supplies in stainless steel

Cath Lab Cabinet: Stainless Steel Solutions

Cath Lab Cabinet: Elevating Cardiac Cath Lab Efficiency with CMP's Stainless Steel Solutions Cardiac Catheterization lab procedures require the utmost in  organization and efficiency. Continental Metal Products (CMP) understands the critical role that storage...

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Customized / Custom Operating Room OR Nurse Documentation Desk With Drawers - made to order

Nurse Documentation Station – Operating Room Desk

Nurse Documentation Station allow nurses and OR staff to provide efficient reporting and charting of cases while facing the operating room surgical field. Explore Continental Metal Products' diverse range of Stainless Steel Nurse Documentation Stations, available in...

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Pass through cabinets and chambers for Hospital Pharmacy USP 800 with interlocking doors

Pass Through Sterile Compounding

Enhancing Pharmacy Safety and Efficiency: Continental Metal Products'  Pass-Through Sterile Compounding Solutions As the demands on modern healthcare facilities continue to evolve, the need for efficient and secure pharmaceutical compounding processes has never...

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