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Operating Room of the Future – How to Design?

Operating Rooms & Surgical Solutions from CMP- Surgeons operating in Hybrid OR with Stainless Steel OR console contains Blanket / Solution Warming Cabinet and two Surgical Storage Cabinets

What type of OR Storage Supply Space will the Operating Room of the Future require?

Stainless Steel Operating Room Surgical Storage Console including warming Cabinet, Surgical Accessory Cabinet, all recessedWhat does the operating room of the future looks like? What surgical supplies will be needed for procedures in 10, 20, 30  years ? 

Surgical Supply Storage – More Detail



Continental Metal Products designs innovative approaches to your space and clinical requirements.


CMP custom sized OR Surgical Supply Cabinets increase storage to meet the needs of the procedures in the decades to come!


 Transform your old traditional Operating Room into a state-of-the-art environment. Increased storage will definitely be required as new procedures are evolving. By increasing cabinet height to 72″ vs 60″, as well as depth to 24″ vs 18″ deep- Storage space is increased by 38%!



Modular Storage for the Operating Room of the Future

Modular stainless steel OPerating Room Cabinet designed for the Ors of the future


Flexible storage provided by modular baskets, trays and bins offer better alternative for organization. These modular options can be combined with catheter slides and or adjustable shelves. They are available in both recessed and mobile models.


More info- Modular Storage[




Computer Integration Cabinets

Operating Room Computer Integration Cabinets


Storage cabinets to organize your connected devices are becoming more and more important. CMP creates a scalable integration platform in our integration cabinets. Able to house all video routing, efficiency is increased. Several different customizable choice are available, making the most of your usable space, Organizing a variety  of equipment and software will transforms the traditional operating room into a modern, state-of-the-art surgical environment, empowering your surgical teams. 


More about Integration Cabinets


State of the Art Warming Cabinets in the Operating Room of the Future

Many sizes of Hospital Warming Cabinets & Blanket Warmers including 2-compartment, full size single chamber, counter top, mid-size, pass-through and mini blanket warmers


CMP’s new touchscreen Solution and/or Blanket Warmers are more technologically advanced and come in sizes to fit any space.

Touchscreen Display for Pass Through Warming Cabinet

Touchscreen Display for Pass Through Warming Cabinet


Hospital, Architect and Equipment Planner Collaboration 

CMP’s experienced professionals will guide you through the planning and design process, one we’ve successfully completed thousands of times. REVIT families are available as well as detailed drawings.

REVIT Families and Detailed Submittal Drawings provided for all CMP Stainless Steel Hospital, OR. Pharmacy ,SPD, Hybrid OR, Cath Lab, IP Lab and IR Equipment

For more information regarding the design of the OR Operating Room,  contact Continental Metal Products at 781-935-4400  or Email CMP NOW!