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What are Hospital Pass Through Windows?

Pass through windows for Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Centers' Sterile Processing Department (SPD) from CMP. Hinged glass doors and double hing models.
Hinged HOSPITAL PASS THROUGH WINDOWS in Ambulatory Surgery Center

Hinged Hosptal Pass Through

What are Hospital Pass Through Windows?


Hospital Pass Through Windows are used in Sterile Processing Departments (SPD), Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSD), Reprocessing, Decontamination and Dirty/ Clean Instrument Processing departments in Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), Hospital Pharmacies , Surgical  Dental Clinics and other departments for passing materials from one room to another. They are most commonly utilized to maintain high quality separation between decontamination and clean ares of the SPD. All CMP Pass-Thru windows are constructed from stainless steel, to meet the demands of Hospital, Surgery Center, and outpatient clinic use. SPD Pass Through windows often come in a variety of standard and customizable designs depending on the requirements of the facility and the room in which they are placed. For example, Hospital Pass Thru windows are an ideal way to safely transfer materials like Surgical Instruments, Endoscopes and other medical equipment into an area where they can be easily accessed and cleaned by hospital staff.

Pass Through widows are an important component of the dirty to clean workflow in the sterile processing area. In both one and two room designs, The requirement in the 2018 FGI Guidelines reads, “The two-room sterile processing facility shall consist of a decontamination room and a clean workroom that are physically separated by a wall containing a door or pass-through window that can be closed and secured or a built-in washer/ disinfecter with a pass-through door or window.”

The DOD requires Pass-Through Windows in its space planning criteria forHealth Facilities in Military Dental Clinics.  These window are required from Decontamination to Clean Rom as well as from decontamination, to prep/pack area with sink, sterilizers, and also to and from sterile instrument storage room. 


Open Double Hung Hospital Pass Through Windows for Sterile Processing Department and Reprocessing in Healthcare Facilities and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Double Hung SPD Pass Through

Hospital Pass Through Windows come in a wide variety of configurations and types to assist in the heavy duty workflow of Sterile Processing areas and Pharmacies.. SPD Hospital Pass Through Window are often customized to fit the needs of the Sterile Processing Department and SPD Clinical  staff. Choosing the right type of pass through window– double hung, hinged, full pass-through assembly or self closing – for a facility or department depends on the needs of the clinicians and the type of applications in which they will be used.

  • Double Hung  are the most popular type of Pass Throughs utilized. Standard sizes of 24″wide x 36″ high and 34″ wide x 40″ high, are in stock for immediate delivery. A 36″x 36″ size is also available. Easily opened and closed, and are designed to stay in place in the sterile processing department  long-term. The spring tension can be adjusted to create a slow auto close action, ensuring that the window won’t be left open. While standard offerings are available for most installations, hospitals often choose to customize these solutions by adding a set down counter on one or both sides. Sometimes stainless steel case work with a long counter top is positioned under the window to retrieve the instruments or endoscopy scopes.
  • Hinged Pass Through Windows are another popular option. They are hinged bi-parting double doors in either tempered safety glass or solid stainless steel. They can be  designed with self closing, semi-automatic  doors, providing the flexibility for the sterile processing techs not to have to manually close them each time they utilize the window. Typically a stainless steel set down counter top  can also be on one or both sides. Some facilities utilize  carts on wheels with shelving equipped for transport to the sink workstations. Other facilities may have the decontamination sink counter positioned under the window, or additional stainless steel casework with cabinets and drawers for supplies and storage.
  • Full Pass through Window Assembly are large 38″ wide x 84″ high models. These large widows feature a glass Double-hung window, shelf and solid stainless steel rack return doors below.
    Hospital Pass Through window with set down counter on one side and rack return doors

    Full Pass Through Window Assembly

    The upper window is utilized for transferring clean items from decontamination area to the preparation and packaging area.The rack return doors are for returning rack dollies loaded with empty racks to the decontamination area from the preparation and packaging area. The Set down counter is for receiving and holding items that were manually cleaned in the decontamination area. After the rack dolly passes through the doors, spring loaded hinges return doors to the closed position. A snap-in bumper on the preparation and packaging side of each door protects doors from rack dollies. 

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  • Stainless Steel Construction– Anti – bacterial, easy to clean and sterilize stainless steel is the only choice for hospital, surgical centers, and Endoscopy Clinics. Aluminum windows do not hold up to the rigorous demand of these installations, and when put in by error, need to be quickly replaced. 
  • 1/4″ Tempered Safety Glass Windows – Safety glass and wide viewing area
  • Optional Set Down Counter / Shelves – Many shelving depths and sizes,  allow for the appropriate size trays to rest on the counters


Hospital Pass Through Windows specifications can vary from hospital to hospital, and in every Surgery Center,  Pharmacy, Endoscopy Clinic, Ophthalmology Surgery Center, Plastic Surgery Center Orthopedic Outpatient Surgery Center. and Veterinary Hopital / Clinic. A typical window is either 24″ , 34″, 36″ wide a depending on the intended use of the window, and the available space in the room and corridor.. Windows can be designed to open up and down, in double hung models. Also, hinged glass door models can be ordered with  self close option to close automatically.


Purchasing the right type of Hospital Pass Through Window is vital to keeping a busy healthcare facility  running.  Healthcare staff in charge of purchasing medical equipment at their facility often consider brand, service, Customer support, long-term and short-term cost and environmental footprint when choosing which Pass through windows to buy. Usually, a sales representative, Medical Equipment Planner or Healthcare architect assists with the purchasing decision for the pass through window.


Sterilizers and Decontamination Sinks are often ordered very early in the design build process of sterile instrument and endoscope processing departments in hospitals and surgery centers. Lead times are an important consideration. Many times the window is overlocked. Some manufacturers offer 6-8 moth lead times. These lead times are unacceptable when your SPD needs to go live quickly. 

CMP recognizes the importance of short lead times and immediate availability of these windows.  Continental Metal Products Pass Thrus are always IN STOCK, for immediate shipment and delivery.