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Stainless Steel Nurse Documentation Desks

Operating Room Nurse Desk Documentation Station for OR Computers

CMP’s Stainless Nurse Documentation Desks and nurse documentation stations are designed to be configurable to meet the requirements of all types of operating rooms, and Hybrid ORs.  The Mobile option allows for the ability to move the OR Nurse documentation Desk to provide a full view of the sterile field while charting and reporting the surgical procedure.

Customizable Stainless Steel Nurse Documentation Desks and Documentation stations

Example of L-shaped Stainless Steel OR Nurse Desk Stainless Steel movable to ensure best viewing the sterile field


To ensure proper and efficient workflow in this specialized environment, the design and location of the Stainless Nurse Documentation Center are very important. Nurse desk solutions come are available many different models with options and features to fit your every requirement. CMP engineers provide innovative solutions to accommodate all clinical end-users. To promote the gold standard in infection control in this sterile environment, CMP Nurse documentation desks are only designed and manufactured in non-porous Stainless Steel. CMP makes it easy for the OR Nurses to have the perfect environment to do the necessary documentation.

models and cut sheets




Stainless Steel Nurse Documentation Station Stainless Steel L-shaped with nurse viewing visual field view the sterile field

Nurse Documentation Desks Designed to Requirements


Continental Metal Products addresses the unique requirements of each OR by offering you a wide variety of choices in Stainless Steel Nurse Documentation Desks. You are able to have a nurse documentation center specifically designed to your Operating Room or Hybrid OR environment based on your needs for function and aesthetics. With options designed to mix and match, our documentation stations are perfect for multiple OR nurse activities. We have several standard “doc stations”, however, we understand certain stakeholders may not want a standard solution.  As a result, CMP engineers have the ability to customize the original design to meet the facility’s unique requirements.  Beyond function, our OR Nurse documentation Centers are designed to meet the aesthetic of your operating room. CMP documentation stations are constructed to be easy to clean, free of contamination,  secure for a variety of equipment peripherals, and ergonomic for staff.   Please contact CMP to determine the solution for your next  OR construction or renovation project.





Documentation Centers with Cabinets for peripherals

OR Nurse Documentation Desk in Stainless Steel , Kidney shaped and mobile with casers to face the sterile field

Example of stainless steel Kidney-shaped OR Nurse Documentation Desk with casters to face the sterile field


Operating Rooms, Hybrid ORs and Cath Labs may require Stainless Steel Nurse Documentation Centers with spacious upper cabinets for equipment storage and pullout countertop for charting. CMP has a number of standard Nurse documentation/computer integration  stations designed to fit your requirements

  • Vents are strategically placed on every configuration to allow for maximum heat dissipation from medical, computer and audio-visual equipment stored within the unit 
  • Built-in cable passes, and adjustable /removable shelves facilitate easy equipment installation and servicing 
  • custom hole punched in back to facilitate cable placement
  • Optional extended pull-out countertop and mobile desk allow the nurse to face the surgical field from the documentation station
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OR Nurse Documentation center with computer Integration Cabinet as part of OR Console

OR Nurse Documentation center with computer Integration Cabinet as part of OR Console

Operating Room Computer Integration Cabinet-Vented-OR computer integration with pull out work surface

Nurse-Documentation-Station-Vented-OR computer integration with pull out work surface