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Scrub Sink with Eyewash Operation

Surgical Scrub sink with emergency eyewash option

CMP Scrub Sink with Easy Eyewash Operation

CMP Scrub Sink with Eyewash Operation is easy to Activate. To ensure the utmost in safety, Continental Metal Products’ Surgical Sinks are designed with  a pull-down activated eye/face wash that flushes away injurious materials, located on the back sink wall, preventing water on the floor. Emergency eyewash options  are available in a 28″ or 32″ one-station, 48′ or 62” two-station and a 96” three-station models. The sinks are quipped with two mixing valves, providing safe water temperatures for both hand scrub  and eye protection thermostatic .

Continental Metal Products scrub sinks are available with one, two, or three stations and are able to be customized . CMP surgical sinks are  hands-free use and feature an optional, integrated eye-wash station. They can be specified with either manual / knee kick, or electronic / infra-red sensor operation. Other options include  knee-operated or sensor operated soap dispenser, digital timer, or laminar flow operation


To Activate Scrub Sink Emergency Eyewash Water Flow:    

  • Swing Outlet Head Assembly Down 100 Degrees from Vertical to Horizontal Position ( see diagram below).
  • Valve will begin to Open at 65 Degree Activation Point              CMP Scrub Sink Detail Diagram demonstrating scrub sink eyewash operation - ho to activate

Emergency Eyewash Operation is Easy

  • OFF / CLOSED – Eyewash is off when outlet head is in the straight up- vertical Position for storage
  • ON / OPEN – Eyewash starts activating as the valve will start to open at the 65º activation point. When you swing the spray head assembly down to 100º or a horizontal position, the water flow is fully activated. Unit remains in operation until head assembly is returned to storage position.

Scrub Sink with Eyewash meets ANSI

  • Meets ANSI z358.1-2014
  • Separate Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • Exceeds USP 800 requirements
  • Each head has a “flip top” dust cover, internal flow control and filter to remove impurities from the water flow.
  • Unit is furnished with in-line strainer to protect valve and spray heads from debris in water line.
  • ANSI-compliant identification sign.

Scrub sink with Eyewash in both open and closed positions


Eyewash for Surgical Scrub Sink Literature