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REVIT Sterile Processing Sinks and Pass Through Chambers – BIM Library

REVIT Families (BIM) for Hospital Stainless Steel Operating Room and Pharmacy Stainless Steel Equipment including Pass Through Cabinets , Surgical Storage Cabinets, Catheter Cabinets, Pass Through Windows, Decontamination Sinks, Blanket Warmers, Scrub Sinks and more

REVIT Sterile Processing Sinks & Pass Through Chambers models

REVIT Sterile Processing Sinks / Decontamination work sinks,  and Pass Through Chambers models have been added to CMP’s always expanding library of REVIT Families.

CMP provides REVIT families to healthcare architects and Medical Equipment planners in the popular version of Autodesk Revit 2017

REVIT Families are available upon request and also include CMP’s Blanket Warmers and Solution Warming Cabinets, Surgical Scrub Sinks, Pass Through Windows, Surgical Storage Cabinets, Catheter Cabinets, and healthcare casework.                              Request REVIT Families

REVIT Sterile Processing Sinks and Pass Through Chambers - new models available in BIM Library

 Sterile Processing Sinks

1, 2,and 3-sink workstations are a vital part of Hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Centers’ Sterile Processing Departments (SPD), CSSDs, Soiled Utility, Soiled Holding, Soiled Workrooms and other hospital cleaning areas. . These Dirty/Clean reprocessing departments require decontamination sinks in a wide variety of sizes and configurations;Cut sheets and Info on CMP’s Reprocessing Sinks  

      Fixed Height Decontamination Sinks

      Adjustable Height Decontamination Sinks

       1,2, 3-sink options

        Custom Sizes

        Large variety of options

        Custom Configuration

By utilization of CMP’s REVIT families, many different models and sizes can be utilized in Hospital and Surgery Center Projects.

REVIT SPD decontamination : reprocessing sink Pass through Cabinets Chambers Usp 800 : 797

Pass Through Chambers and Cabinets


Small Pass Through Chambers

CMP’s Pass Through Cabinets and Chambers with interlocking doors are an integral part of most new USP Pharmacy 800/797 new construction and renovations to meet USP guidelines. CMP has recently added two smaller Pass Through Chambers to the product line to assist in USP Pharmacies with limited space.

Pass Thru Chamber information

SC2-2424-18-PT             24” wide x 24” high x 18 deep

SC2-2424-24-PT             24” wide x 24” high x 24 deep

Tall Pass Through Cabinets

The larger Pass Through Cabinets are often utilized in operating rooms and veterinary clinics. These 60″ or 72″ High Cabinets come in a large variety of Widths and Depths to accommodate all space requirements. 

Widths: 24″, 36″, 42″ or 48″  (610, 914, 1067 or 1219 mm)

Depths: 15″, 18″, 24″, 29″ and 36″ ( 457,  610, 914 mm)

Height: 24″ , 60″ or 72″ or 80″ ( 1829 or 2032 mm )

HEPA Filtered


Contact Continental Metal Products Customer Service Department to Request the full Library of CMP”s REVIT Families of Stainless Steel Healthcare equipment at 781-537-6426 /or by email at sales@continentalmetal.com