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Reprocessing Sink with 30 inch Bowl

SPD Decontamination Sink with 30 inch Bowl or Basin

CMP’s SPD Reprocessing Sink with 30 inch wide Bowl / Basins, features 30 inch wide bays to accommodate the manual cleaning of longer devices, such as laparoscopic, robotic instruments and da Vinci.

CMP 1, 2, and 3-bay reprocessing sinks are designed specifically for use in hospital sterile processing departments. These sinks facilitate the pre-cleaning of grossly soiled surgical instruments, utensils, endoscopes, robotics and other miscellaneous items prior to automated washing/disinfection cycles.

CMP Reprocessing Sink Features;

  • All Stainless steel construction – All surfaces and structural components are non-porous and are designed to withstand hospital grade disinfectants.Decontamination Sink with 30 inch Bowl or Basin drawing
  • longer devices are easily washed, such as laparoscopic, robotic and da Vinci instruments, in 30″ length bays / bowls / basins
  • Height adjustable option offers improved ergonomics and comfort for multiple individual users
  • Customizable accessory options and placement 
  • Improved manual instrument cleaning through optional features such as air and water pistols,  over-mount sprayers, R/O  faucet
  • CMP’s 75 year history of performance and durability
  • Made in the USA
Specs and Cut Sheets Reprocessing Sinks

CMP’s Reprocessing Sink with 30 inch Bowl help improve workflow in the SPD / Central Sterile Services Department. The stainless-steel decontamination sinks provide in appropriate, safe and thorough manual cleaning of surgical instruments.

How CMP Reprocessing Sinks Work ?

CMP’s Decontamination sinks both feature 30″ length basins / bays, to accommodate the cleaning of longer devices, such as laparoscopic and robotic instruments, and long adjacent countertops to expand your workspace. 

Why CMP Reprocessing Sinks?

Continental Metal Product’s Decontamination Sinks, offers best practice efficiency with a wide range of configuration options and many standard and optional items  to make cleaning more efficient. Our fully customizable design options will optimize your workflow.

CMP’s Reprocessing Sink with 30 inch Bowl (s) efficiently clean these larger devices without damage because of the 30″ bays or bowls.

CMP Decontamination sinks provide superior efficiency and improved processes, while assisting you to comply with the latest standards. Our wide variety of customizable sizes and and options meet your space, volume and budget demands.

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