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Recessed Modular OR Storage          Exceeds Design Expectations

Stainless Steel Hybrid Operating Room Modular Surgical Supply Cabinets, Recessed with modular bins, baskets and trays at MT Sinai, NY Photo; Copyright Andrew Rugge/Perkins Eastman

Recessed Modular OR Storage

Learn more about Continental Metal Products Recessed Modular OR Storage.

Available in Mobile units with casters, Freestanding and Recessed,

Mobile Modular Storage 

Freestanding and Recessed  Storage

Recessed Modular OR Storage - Recessed Modular OR Storage Mt. Sinai West - Surgical Suites_Int Intraoperative Procedure Room 2 w People_Copyright Andrew Rugge

  Mt. Sinai West – Surgical Suites Int Intraoperative Procedure Room Copyright Andrew Rugge



Beautiful Installation featuring CMP’s supply cabinets at Mt Sinai West, designed by Perkins Eastman.

CMP specializes in custom healthcare storage solutions. However your storage needs change, Continental Metal Products’ modular storage systems will continuously adapt. Preconfigured or design-your-own cabinets for department-specific supplies and equipment are available. Our modular storage designs maximize space and produce efficient , organized spaces throughout hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs).

The flexibility of design offers options of combining modular tray / baskets with stainless steel adjustable shelves or catheter slides. CMP provides a wide range of options for your supply-intensive operating room, Hybrid OR, Cardiac Cath lab, Interventional Radiology Department ( IR Lab), and Electrophysiology (EP)  Lab. 


Our mobile stationary and recessed catheter storage cabinets are designed specifically for the safe storage of catheters, guide wires, introducers, and boxed supplies. Only designed in durable stainless steel, CMP’s cabinets meet infection control and prevention  protocols in critical healthcare clinical areas. Our medical storage solutions adapt easily to changing rotations of procedures. CMP’s system of modular interior components provide an efficient solution to stocking and restocking of supplies. CMP cabinets are offered in a wide variety of widths, in heights of 60′ and 72″. Options include stainless steel bases, casters with locks and easy to clean, slope tops. Roll-up tambour doors  are another popular option. Electronic lock and keyed lock options are available as well as solid stainless steel doors. LED lights can be specified on any cabinet. We are happy to customize your cabinets to meet all your facilities as and clinicians needs.

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