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CMP IV Preparation and Storage Centers, Model IV-6S, contain a  horizontal laminar flow workstations that meets Class 10 & 100 Cleanroom  Classification. These stainless Steel combination sink and laminar flow workstations , provide a clean environment that is perfect for the pharmaceutical, medical, food and industrial industries. This space saver clean bench combination model can be utilized for sterile manipulations,  and  any other application where clean conditions are required to protect the product from airborne contaminants.

CMP’s clean bench is available with a stainless steel laminar flow workstation combined with a sink and storage unit. The laminar flow hood offers an aseptic environment where space is at a premium, or where access is too limited to permit installation of a large unit. CMP’s stainless steel, space-saver model is presently used in I.V. and nursing stations, in satellite pharmacies and in intensive care units.

Equipped with a HEPA supply air filter, airflow across the work area provides a particulate-free work surface.

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IV Preparation and Storage Center with Laminar Flow Hood from Continental Metal Products

IV Preparation and Storage Center with Laminar Flow Hood