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Pass Through Sterile Compounding

Pass through cabinets and chambers for Hospital Pharmacy USP 800 with interlocking doors

Enhancing Pharmacy Safety and Efficiency: Continental Metal Products’  Pass-Through Sterile Compounding Solutions

As the demands on modern healthcare facilities continue to evolve, the need for efficient and secure pharmaceutical compounding processes has never been more crucial. Continental Metal Products rises to the challenge with its cutting-edge Pass-Through Sterile Compounding solutions, revolutionizing how pharmacies ensure contamination-free practices.

Pass Through Sterile Compounding: Ensuring Pharmacy SafetyPharmacy Pass through Cabinets with interlocking doors -Pass Through Sterile Compounding

In pharmaceutical compounding, maintaining a sterile environment is vital. The innovative Pass-Through Sterile Compounding systems from Continental Metal Products bridge the gap between sterile and non-sterile areas, streamlining the transfer of materials while safeguarding against cross-contamination risks.

Key Benefits :

  1. Enhanced Contamination Control: The Pass-Through Sterile Compounding cabinets and chambers act as a secure conduit for the movement of materials, minimizing the exposure of sterile substances to potential contaminants. This segregation significantly reduces the risk of compromised medications and enhances patient safety.
  2. Optimized Workflow: These solutions are strategically designed to enhance operational efficiency. Pharmacists can smoothly transfer compounds, supplies, and documents, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth and reducing the chances of errors.
  3. Stringent Compliance: Continental Metal Products’ Pass-Through units are engineered to meet the highest industry standards, including USP <797> and USP <800> guidelines. This ensures pharmacies adhere to rigorous regulations governing sterile compounding practices.

Transforming Pharmacy Operations   CMP Pass Through Cabinet and Chamber Models, Options, Sizes, and cut sheets  

Continental Metal Products’ commitment to innovation is demonstrated by the huge portfolio of Pass through cabinet and chamber options.. By investing in these Pass Through Sterile Compounding Cabinets and Chambers,, pharmacies can meet all USP 800 /797 compliance requirements, improve workflow, and ensure safety.

Key Considerations :

  1. Tailored Configurations: Whether a pharmacy requires a pass-through cabinet or chamber, Continental Metal Products offers customizable configurations to fit specific spatial and operational needs.
  2. HEPA Filtration Integration: The inclusion of HEPA filtration option further fortifies the sterile environment, capturing and neutralizing airborne contaminants, and ensuring the integrity of compounded medications.
  • There is NO requirement in USP 797 (2019) or USP <800> for HEPA filtered (purged or recirculating pass-throughs). It is sometimes recommended in USP<800>, when pass throughs cannot be vented to the HEPA filtration system in ceiling.

      3. Seamless Integration: Integrating these Pass-Through Sterile Compounding solutions seamlessly into your existing pharmacy layout is a testament to their versatility and adaptability.

       4. Interlock Option Importance:  

  •  There is NO requirement in USP 797 (2019) for interlocking doors. It is strongly recommended to use pass-throughs with interlocks ONLY.

Continental Metal Products’ Pass-Through Cabinets and Chambers fulfill all the requirements  of hospital , industrial and commercial pharmaceutical compounding. With enhanced contamination control, optimized workflow, and uncompromising compliance, these innovative systems empower pharmacies to deliver safer and higher-quality medications to patients, while protecting clinicians.

Invest in the future of pharmacy safety and efficiency with Continental Metal Products’ Pass-Through Sterile Compounding solutions. Contact us today to explore how these state-of-the-art systems can transform your pharmacy operations.