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Pharmacy safety and regulatory adherence take center stage in the realm of healthcare, especially when dealing with hazardous drugs. Continental Metal Products, an industry leader with a 75 year legacy, introduces an innovative solution that enhances compliance. In this blog post, we discuss how the Pass Through Chamber with Open Door Indicator and Electronic Interlock—assists Continental Metal Products’ adherence to USP 800 guideline,  amplifies safety , and optimizes pharmacy workflows for heightened efficiency.

Hazardous drugs can pose significant risks to healthcare workers who handle them. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has established regulations to ensure that the compounding and handling of hazardous drugs are done safely in healthcare facilities. USP chapter 800 outlines the requirements for the safe handling of hazardous drugs, including the use of closed system drug transfer devices (CSTDs) and proper ventilation. Pass-through chambers with HEPA filtration and open door indicator lights are a valuable addition to any USP 800 compliant pharmacy.

Pass Through Chamber HEPA Filtration with open door indicator light for USP 800 Pharmacy

  1. Open Door Indicator: Visualizing Secure Environments
    • The Open Door Indicator, a precision-engineered option offered with the  the Pass Through Chamber, offers an immediate visual confirmation of secure door closure.
    • Pharmacy staff benefit from a clear assurance that the chamber is sealed, reducing the potential for contamination risks.
    • Provides clinicians with a visual confirmation of when they can open the door on the other side.
  2. Electronic Interlock: Fortifying Controlled Access
    • Complementing the Open Door Indicator, the Electronic Interlock technology serves as a vital layer of security.
    • This advanced mechanism prevents simultaneous door openings, significantly minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.
    • The controlled access not only aligns with USP 800 standards but also enhances the safety of pharmacy personnel.
  3. Achieving USP 800 Compliance: A Dual-Feature Approach
    • The Pass Through Chamber’s marriage of Open Door Indicator and Electronic Interlock is purposefully designed to surpass USP 800 regulatory requirements.
    • The combined technologies ensure proper ventilation, containment, and secure access control, creating an environment that adheres to the highest standards of hazardous drug handling.
  4. Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: A Synchronized Advantage
    • The synchronization of the Open Door Indicator an
      d Electronic Interlock optimizes pharmacy workflows, minimizing risks and enhancing efficiency.
    • Pharmacy staff can confidently load hazardous drugs while staff securely retrieve medications, fostering a safer and streamlined operation.
  5. Continental Metal Products: Pioneering Excellence
    • With an enduring legacy, Continental Metal Products remains at the forefront of healthcare solutions.
    • Their commitment to innovation, quality, and compliance is beautifully exemplified in the Pass Through Chamber’s design.
    • As a trusted partner in USP 800 solutions, Continental Metal Products empowers pharmacies to elevate both safety and operational efficiency.More Detailed Information on CMP’s Pass Through Cabinets / Chambers