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Pass Through Cabinets – COVID-19 Testing Lab

CMP is proud to partner with Curative, to provide Pass Through Cabinets for their California COVID-19 testing lab. Pass Thru Cabinets were an important design component to control contaminants entering the clean room during pick-up and / or delivery of specimens and supplies.

These Continental Metal Products’ cabinets and chamber were specifically designed for this sterile, regulated environment, where  cleanliness applications are of critical importance. They maintain a clean environment, because contaminants remain outside the clean room.

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Pass Through Cabinets - COVID-19 Testing Lab - Open Pass Through Chamber with Indicator door status light

COVID-19 Cleanroom Testing Lab Pass Through Cabinets

Testing laboratories are taking appropriate measures to prioritize the safety of the laboratory professionals while doing their part in battling the Coronavirus Disease pandemic. The laboratories carrying out COVID  testing must have the appropriate equipment and must design their  facility to meet requirements to protect the lab personnel while processing the tests. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends handling COVID-19 samples in a properly maintained and certified Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC). In addition to these BSCs, Pass-Through Cabinets are a vital component to the controlled environment necessary between adjacent rooms in Curative’s new COVID-19 testing facility.

Pass Through Interlock and Indicator Status

These stainless steel Pass Through Cabinets – COVID-19 Testing Lab increase safety via CMP’s electronic Interlock. This system provides an effective airlock, minimizing cross-contamination by allowing only one door to open at a time. Foot traffic, is decreased along with improvement in cleanliness, safety, productivity. To further improve efficiency, CMP designed the Pass Throughs for Curative with an indicator light . This innovative system saves Curatives technicians time by displaying open or close status that they can observe from across the room. A green light on the wall indicator notifies techs when the doors are closed and the pass through is available for use. Conversely, a red light demonstrates that the cabinet is in use and the interlock is activated, so the technician does not waste time and steps attempting to open the door.


Double door Pass through Cabinets for Cleanroom 24' wide x 60" high single door Pass Through Cabinets at Curative's COVID-19 Testing Lab Large Pass Through Cabinets at Curative's COVID-19 Testing LabCurative and CMP

Curative was initially set up to develop a new sepsis test. When the pandemic escalated in March 2020, they decided to focus on creating a rapidly scalable COVID-19 testing process to help flatten the curve and save lives. CMP was happy to provide a combination of seven Pass Through Cabinets and Chambers of various sizes to their new facility in Monrovia, CA. CMP is proud od their partnership providing Pass Through Cabinets – COVID-19 Testing Lab.