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Nurse Documentation Station – Operating Room Desk

Customized / Custom Operating Room OR Nurse Documentation Desk With Drawers - made to order

Nurse Documentation Station allow nurses and OR staff to provide efficient reporting and charting of cases while facing the operating room surgical field. Explore Continental Metal Products’ diverse range of Stainless Steel Nurse Documentation Stations, available in various models, sizes, and customization options.

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Exploring Customization Options At Continental Metal Products, we understand that every OR project is unique, and customization is often key. Our Nurse Documentation Stations can be personalized with a wide range of features and options, ensuring that they align perfectly with your specific project requirements. Here’s a closer look at additional customization options:

1. Extra Countertop Workspace: Maximize your workspace with added countertop space, perfect for charting or accommodating additional equipment.

2. Lower Drawers: Choose to includelower drawers for convenient equipment storage, files, and pencils, keeping essential tools within arm’s reach.

3. Heat Dissipation Vents: Strategically placed vents on every configuration allow for maximum heat dissipation from medical equipment stored within the unit, ensuring equipment longevity.

4. Built-in Cable Passes: Our stations can be ordered with built-in cable passes, facilitating easy cable management during equipment installation and servicing.

5. Removable Shelves: Customize your station with removable shelves, adapting the space to your specific equipment requirements.

6. Power Junction Box Provisions: Brackets mounted to each frame provide provisions for 10 dual power junction boxes per cabinet, ensuring ample power access for your equipment.OR Nurse Documentation Desk Stainless Steel L-shaped.

7. L-Shaped and angles Desks: Customized to your exact specifications.

9. Optional Monitor Panel Mount: Enhance functionality with the optional monitor mount, offering a seamless integration point for essential technology.

10. Extended Countertop: For specialized needs, consider an extended countertop option, providing even more workspace.

11. Mobile Desk: Our mobile desk option with castors allows nurses to easily face the surgical field from the documentation station, promoting flexibility and optimal patient care.

12. Wall Mounted Desk: Cantilever brackets to attach to wall on one side

13. Keyboard Tray Pullout : This option allows for additional top workspace with the keyboard having the ability to slide underneath.

Model Variety for Precise Fit Continental Metal Products offers an extensive selection of Nurse Documentation Station models, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every OR. Our models cater to all operating room and hybrid OR needs.

Wall Mounted Operating Room Nurse Documentation Desk : Center ? Station with 45 degree corners

Technical Specifications for Informed Choices We understand that healthcare professionals, architects, and project managers require precise technical information to make informed decisions. Explore the technical specifications of our Operating Room Nurse Desks and Documentation Station on our dedicated page here. This detailed resource provides insights into dimensions, materials, weight capacities, and more, ensuring you can select the perfect station for your OR project.   Nurse Documentation Desks Specs 

Quality Construction for Longevity Our Customized Nurse Documentation Stations are constructed using top-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity in the demanding environment of a busy operating room. This robust construction guarantees a long-lasting investment for hospitals and efficient workstations for OR nurses.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Workflow Our Customized Nurse Documentation Desks are equipped with innovative features designed to streamline workflow and improve patient care, making them an ideal choice for healthcare professionals.



Hospital OR - Operating Room Nurse Documentation Desk in Stainless Steel with wheels and drawersCMP Nurse Documentation Stations offer:

  • Tailored Customization: We offer extensive customization options to align with your unique project requirements, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Proven Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, our stations are built to last, making them a reliable investment.
  • Efficiency-Centric Design: Our ergonomic and feature-rich designs enhance the efficiency of OR nurse managers and the overall workflow in your OR.

Elevate Your OR with Continental Metal Products’ Nurse Documentation Stations When seeking Nurse Documentation Desks that are customizable, durable, efficient, and equipped with innovative features, Continental Metal Products is your trusted partner. With a wide range of models, sizes, and customization options, we ensure these stations seamlessly integrate into any OR project, leaving no room for compromise. Discover the future of OR efficiency with us and transform your OR into a model of excellence. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and elevate your OR experience.



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