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Mobile Dual Compartment Warming cabinet with Casters / Wheels with Locks

Dual Chamber Warming Cabinets

Mobile Dual Chamber Warming Cabinet with Casters- MobileCMP Dual Compartment Warming cabinets, Blanket Warmers and/or Solution Warmers are IN STOCK, for immediate shipment.

Dual Chamber Warming Cabinets heat hospital blankets and solutions in two individually controlled chambers.

Continental Metal Products Double Chamber Hospital Warming Cabinets with glass doors enable OR staff to view supply levels of blankets, bottles, bags, solutions, and fluids.

Mobile Dual Chamber Warming Cabinets

Total Lock casters offer easy mobility with wheels that lock into place.

Lockable castors enable facilities to easily move these two compartment warmers to different areas in the facility.

Many hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers prefer this mobile option for their Warmers. Recessed, Freestanding with stainless steel base and countertop models are also available to fit any requirement. Learn more about Warming Cabinet’s models and options

Dual Compartment Blanket Warmer Options

Dual Compartment Warming cabinet with touchscreen and glass door

Dual Chamber Warming cabinet with touchscreen and glass door

  • right or left hinged openings. 
  • glass doors
  • solid stainless steel doors
  • recessed
  • freestanding
  • Keyed or electronic door lock
  • Cool touch handle
  • Pass through chambers
  • Sloped top
  • 220/240V power supply
  • user-friendly

New Standard Warming Cabinets Features

  • Beautiful easy to use touchscreen display
  • USB temperature monitoring
  • File transfer via USB
  • FDA compliant data logging 
  • Intuitive software (supports multiple languages)
  • easily switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius
  • Temperature lockout
  • Seismic braces
  • High and low-temperature alarms

CMP’s two-compartment warmers offer independent, digitally controlled heating chambers. New intuitive touchscreen displays actual temperature and set point. Data is recorded every 30 minutes and stored for up to two years.

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CMP Dual Chamber Warming Cabinets warm blankets and fluids ( irrigation and injection) to assist in preventing hypothermia and increase hospital patients comfort. Maintaining separate controls and compartments to warm blankets and fluids at different temperatures helps hospitals meet ECRI Institute1 and AORN2 recommendations for warming blankets and fluids.

1 Hazard report: ECRI Institute revises its recommendation for temperature limits on blanket warmers. Health devices. 2009;38(7):230-231.

2 Recommended practices for a safe environment of care. In: Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices. Denver, CO: AORN, Inc;2013;217-242.