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Mobile Blanket Warmer Hospital – On the Go Warmth

Mobile Hospital Blanket Warmers, in stock single and double compartment, watch video to see how easy it is to move warming cabinet


Mobile Blanket Warmer Hospital – Double Compartment Warming Cabinets on castors for total mobility.


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CMP sets the standard with our state of the art, Touchscreen Mobile Blanket Warmer, designed specifically for hospital and medical outpatient Facilities. CMP’s Mobile Blanket Warmer, featuring the innovative total lock system on easy-to-use castors, ensuring warm and comfortable experiences for patients throughout the healthcare facility.

CMP’s Mobile Blanket Warmer: 75+ years of Reliability

CMP’s Mobile Blanket Warmer stands out for its mobility, offering a flexible solution for various hospital environments. The easy-to-use castors with a total lock system make it easy for healthcare providers to maneuver the warmer with precision, delivering warmth directly to patients in a variety of hospital settings, including Operating Rooms (ORs), Proceduce rooms, Endoscopy, Imaging, NICU, recovery rooms, PACU, emergency departments (ED), patient floors, and infusion.

Key Features and Technological AdvancementsTouchscreen Display on single or Dual Compartment Warming Cabinet demonstrating ECRI recommendations for Warming Cabinet Temperature settings and guidelines

On-the-Go Warmth: CMP’s Mobile Blanket Warmer is equipped with the latest technology, allowing healthcare providers to deliver warmth directly to patients, enhancing recovery and overall well-being.
Temperature Precision: The mobile warmer ensures precise temperature control with it’s easy to use touchscreen display, meeting the highest standards while adhering to regulatory guidelines, including Joint Commission regulations.
User-Friendly Design: With an intuitive interface demonstrated in the state of the art touchscreen controls and easy-to-use castors featuring the total lock system, CMP’s Mobile Blanket Warmer is designed for effortless maneuverability. Hospital staff can efficiently manage and monitor the warming process, ensuring optimal comfort for patients.

Future-Ready Hospital Design: Integration of Mobile Warmers

As hospital design trends evolve, future renovations will prioritize flexibility and patient-centered care. CMP’s Mobile Blanket Warmer aligns seamlessly with these trends, offering a portable and adaptable solution. With the ability to utilize the blanket warmer wherever needed, hospitals can enhance patient comfort and streamline care processes in the evolving landscape of healthcare.

CMP vs. Competitors: What Sets Us ApartFull Height / size mobile blanket warmer for hospital and medical facilities with one single compartment, glass door and castors

Full Height / size mobile blanket warmer for hospital and medical facilities with Two compartments, glass door and castors While competitors offer mobile blanket warmers, CMP takes the lead in durability, advanced technology, and a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Our blanket warmers have been trusted by hospitals worldwide for over 75+ years, with the easy-to-use castors and total lock system being a popular option.

One or Two Compartments in Full-Height Models

CMP’s full-height mobile blanket warmers, are available with options for one or two compartments. This customization allows healthcare facilities to tailor warming solutions to their specific needs. Whether it’s a single-compartment model for use where only linens or blankets are needed, or a dual-compartment model for operating rooms where blankets and solutions are required to be warmed separately at different temperatures. CMP ensures that warmers are available in all sizes.


A Size for Every Space: CMP’s Range of Mobile, Recessed and Freestanding Blanket Warmer Models

Recognizing the variety in hospital spaces, CMP offers an extensive range of blanket warmer models. From compact countertop units ideal for smaller clinical areas to midsize and full-height models suitable for high-volume departments, CMP provides a size for every space. Our pass-through warming cabinets, installed seamlessly within OR walls, offer convenient restocking without disrupting the operating room. All Sizes in stock, ready to ship.

Learn more about all Sizes of CMP Warmers

Blanket and Solution Warming Cabinets for Hospital and Medical Applications, all sizes in stock, ready to ship