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Massachusetts approved Scrub Sink

2-BAY SURGICAL SCRUB SINK.,double compartment with knee operated water and soap dispenser from Continental Metal Products

Continental Metal Products is proud to announce Massachusetts’ approval for our popular surgical scrub sinks.  Our surgical scrub sinks were recently approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters.  As a Massachusetts approved Scrub Sink, these products are now listed in their accepted plumbing products online system.Massachusetts Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters listing of approved Continental Metal Products Scrub Sinks

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To meet the stringent requirerments of the Mass Board of registration of plumbers and Gas fitters, Continental Metal Products demonstrated that our 1-bay, 2-bay, and 3-bay scrub sinks meet Massachusetts’ Codes.

In order to obtain product acceptance in Massachusetts, products must be tested using industry accepted standards to ensure they are safe and work as designed for public use. The laboratories which perform such tests must be certified to meet industry-based guidelines to ensure appropriate testing.

Massachusetts approved Scrub Sinks from  CMP, because they were tested by UL to the following standards:

ASME A112.19.3-/CSA B45.4 Stainless Steel Plumbing Fixtures

All products used in the Plumbing and Gasfitting Industries require Massachusetts’s approval through code regulation.To determine if a specific company’s product is approved, you can search the Accepted Plumbing Products Online System .

CMP is the only major manufacturer of Stainless Steel Hospital and ASC equipment to be listed as an accepted plumbing product by the Mass Board of Registration

Continental Metal Products has been supplying beautiful reliable Surgical Scrub Sinks to hospitals, ambulatory Surgery Centers, and Veterenary Clinics, worldwide for over 70 years. CMP also supplies hospitals and Surgery Centers Operating Rooms with Warming Cabinets, OR Surgical SupplyCabinets, Catheter Cabinets, Pass Through Cabinets, Computer Integration Cabinets and OR Nurse Documentation Desks. CNP is proud to gain this recognition from the Mass Board in their home state.

CMP’s Massachusetts’ Approved Scrub Sink Models

1-bay sensor operated scrub sink with Massachusetts Board of Registration of plumbers approval

  • 1-32AS – One Station Surgical Scrub Sink                                                       32″ wide, one station, surgical scrub sink, 16 ga type 304 stainless steel, sink only/no faucet 
  • 2-63AS –Two Station Surgical Scrub Sink
    62.87″ wide, two station, surgical scrub sink, 16 ga type 304 stainless steel, sink only/no faucets 
  • 3-94AS –Three Station Surgical Scrub Sink
    94.13″ wide, three station, surgical scrub sink, 16 ga type 304 stainless steel, sink only/no faucets 

All 3 of these CMP Surgical Scrub Sinks meet Approval Code P1-0421-339 .

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