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Integrated Operating Room Storage

Recessed Stainless Steel Operating Room Computer Integration Storage Cabinets as part or CMP's OR storage Consoles along with stainless steel OPerating Room Surgical Storage Cabinets

New Configuration Integrated Operating Room Storage Cabinet

CMP continually expands our OR storage to assist in providing a more integrated and efficient OR. The Newly Configuration Integrated Operating Room Storage Cabinet has been specifically designed to provide a storage hub for all your computer peripherals, These Stainless Steel Computer Integration Cabinets store your OR integration seamlessly. By providing easily accessible housing to integrate compatible surgical devices, workflow is simplified and efficiency. is maximized.

Operating Room Computer Storage Cabinet Features;Stainless Steel Integrated Operating Room Computer Storage Cabinet , for OR Integration, with vented upper portion of doors for ventilation and glass lower door

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Perforated adjustable shelves for venting
  • 4  large grommets on each shelf for routing wires
  • Cut out in Top, Back, or side panels for electrical or other junction boxes
  • Hinged glass doors with upper portion contains louvers for venting 
  • Staff can command the operating room from a centrally located dedicated space
  • Clean Recessed Install Reduces Clutter and provides for improved workflow
  • Customizable to meet your project needs
  • Staff command the room from a centrally-located space

30 inch wide stainless Steel Operating Room computer integration storage

What does the Computer Integration Cabinet Store?

  • Touch Panel
  • Cor Hub
  • Cisco Codec
  • Media Router
  • Power from Electrical Receptacles at Media Router Location       
  • Ethernet Connections
  • Junction Box
  • Converter box
  • Mobile input device
  • Camera control unit (CCU)
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Customized Integrated Operating Room Storage Created Just for You

Designing the Operating Room that will meet all your technology needs today, and in the future is challenging. CMP’s team of design professionals will assist you in modernizing your health care facility step by step. CMP has provided standard and customized units that are the perfect home for your PACU System, Video Switchers and Routers, CD Players, Controllers),VCR, Printers. Different sizes and flexible arrangements are designed to suit multiple surgical specialties.

Many Sizes and Options

Stainless Steel Hospital OPerating Room Computer Integration Storage Cabinet - 48 inches wide

Stainless Steel Hospital Operating Room Computer Integration Storage Cabinet 48 inches wide

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Integrated Operating Room Storage for Integration Systems are designed to:

  • Improve workflows by putting the information staff need at their fingertips in the OR
  • Allow OR staff to remotely collaborate with peers through videoconferencing during surgical procedures
  • Minimize traffic in the OR conserving personal protective equipment (PPE)

Experience matters. We have a history of designing ORs

There is a big difference between a company providing equipment and a company with the experience to stand behind that equipment. With 75 years of experience in Stainless Steel Operating Room Equipment manufacturing, CMP will be with you every step of the way with expert design for your hardware installation, Dedicated project managers, design and engineering teams are available for your specific project.

As a leader in OR Design, CMP has:

  • Installed operating rooms across the world, including North America’s’s leading hospitals and medical centers
  • Over Seven decades of experience in working closely with End-users, hospital teams, architects, and medical equipment planners  to ensure seamless installations.
  • Delivered a proven, reliable and durable capital equipment that’s designed for real OR/hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center / ASC environments
  • All equipment made in the USA in Woburn, Massachusetts