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Cath Lab Cabinet: Stainless Steel Solutions

Cath Lab Cabinets for stationary, recessed and mobile storage of catheters and Cath lab supplies in stainless steel

Cath Lab Cabinet: Elevating Cardiac Cath Lab Efficiency with CMP’s Stainless Steel Solutions

Cardiac Catheterization lab procedures require the utmost in  organization and efficiency. Continental Metal Products (CMP) understands the critical role that storage solutions play in Cardiac Cath Labs. Our stainless steel Cath Lab cabinets offer reliability, accessibility, and compliance.

CMP’s Cath Lab Cabinet Models and Sizes

At CMP, we offer a range of Cath Lab cabinet models and sizes tailored to meet the unique needs of Interventional Cardiology Cath Labs and Hybrid Operating Rooms. Whether your space requires recessed, flush-mounted, freestanding, or mobile cabinets, CMP has a solution for you. Our models include:

  1. Standard Freestanding Cabinets: Ideal for existing spaces, these cabinets offer ample storage capacity for catheters, surgical supplies, and equipment.
  2. Mobile Cabinets: Designed for flexibility, our mobile cabinets come with locking medical-grade casters for easy mobility.
  3. In-Wall Recessed Cabinets: These cabinets save space and provide a flush, integrated look for your Cath Lab, and optimize your space leaving more room foor mobile equipment.
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Why CMP’s Cath Lab Cabinets?

  • Instant Accessibility: CMP’s stainless steel cabinets ensure ieasy access to catheters, surgical supplies, and Operating Room equipment, via easy to use , pull out Catheter slides.Catheter Slides Pull outs for full extension for Cath Lab Cabinets

Optimizing Workflow and Compliance

Our expert consultants assist in designing Cath Labs that exceed The Joint Commission’s standards while enhancing workflow, safety, infection control, and efficiency.

Efficient Catheter Management

CMP cabinets are engineered to manage catheter use efficiently. Each cabinet features sturdy catheter slide tracks, accommodating up to 800 catheters, with each slide holding 10 to 15 catheters.

Specialized Interior Modular Solutions

Our cabinets go beyond one-size-fits-all. Customize your Cath Lab storage with specially-designed interior modular bins, trays, and baskets. Cabinets with adjustable stainless steel shelves provide limitless flexibility. Internal instrument pegboards or internal stainless steel drawers ore also available as options.

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Meeting Typical Cath Lab Storage Needs

CMP cabinets hold not just conventional supplies but also specific equipment for treating coronary conditions. This includes catheters, diagnostic catheters, guide catheters, angioplasty balloons, coronary stents, guidewires, peripherals, long sheaths, IV fluids, contrast materials, long stent boxes, procedure packs, tubing, stopcocks, and plaque modification devices.

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Ready to enhance your Cath Lab’s efficiency and functionality? Contact CMP today to explore our range of Cath Lab cabinet models, sizes, and customization options. Ensure your catheters and other supplies are stored effectively.

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