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Floor mounted Cart Pass Through – HEPA Filtered

Floor Mounted - Cart Pass Through Cabinet with Ramp in USP 800 hospital Pharmacy, HEPA filtered option in extra deep sizes

A Cleanroom cart pass through facilitates the transfer of supplies and equipment on a cart in and out of a controlled environment. These floor mounted pass through cabinets (also known as cart pass throughs / thrus) make it easy to move materials in and out of your USP 800 Pharmacy, Operating Room (OR), cleanroom, or pharmaceutical area without contaminating the next room. The need for people to enter the cleanroom is reduced, because supplies are rolled on a transfer cart into the pass through cabinet and can be retrieved by the clinical personnel in the adjacent room. Cleanroom Cart Pass Thrus are a wonderful addition to your facility because they  reduce foot traffic, improve cleanliness, safety, productivity, and much more.

Floor Mounted Cart Pass Through Construction

All CMP floor mounted pass thru cabinets are constructed in stainless steel with tempered safety glass viewing window. Strong and durable and able to pass all inspection control requirements.

Options available on the pass throughs include: Electronic Interlock, HEPA filtered models, gaskets and LED lights .

HEPA Floor Mounted Pass Through for hospitals 800 Pharmacy or Cleanroom


More Detail on Pass Throughs

Floor Mounted Cart Pass Through – Stainless Steel – Electronic Interlock 

  • Easy-to-sterilize 304 stainless steel cleanroom pass through for sterile bio-pharma applications. Enhances corrosion resistance by standing up to harsher cleaning agents and withstanding degradation from bleach-based disinfectants.
  • Quick and easy design, ships fully assembled and easy to install
  • Optional automatic door interlock allows only one door to open at a time, preventing cross-contamination
  •  Floor-mounted design includes removable ramps to support transfer of carts and equipment between controlled spaces.
  • Doors are easily removed for more thorough cleaning
  • Optional adjustable stainless steel shelves that can be easily removed for cleaning or sterilizing
  •  Replacement door(s) are always available, avoiding critical operation delays if a door is damaged and requires immediate replacement.
  • Clean flush mount design, eliminates wall gaps.Therefore there is no space to harbor bacterial in critical hospital / bio/ pharmaceutical environments

HEPA Filtered Cart Pass Though

HEPA filtered Cart Pass Thru exceeds the U.S. Department of Energy High Energy Particle Arrestance (HEPA) standard by removing at least 99.99 percent of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter.

  • Recirculating HEPA-filtration  adds another layer of protection against contamination for materials being transferred
  • 30% ASHRAE pleated type prefilter
  • Air return slots along bottom interior of the chamber circulate air back through the HEPA filter
  • automatic electronic interlock mechanism prevents cross-contamination

More on HEPA Pass-Throughs  


  • 36″ W x 76-1/2″ H x 29″ D  – CMP Model #SC2- 3660-29-PT- HEPA
  • 36″ W x 76-1/2″ H x 50″ D  – CMP Model #SC2- 3660-50-PT- HEPA
  • 48″ W x 76-1/2″ H x 29″ D  – CMP Model #SC2- 4860-29-PT- HEPA
  • 24″ W x 88-1/2″ H x 29″ D  – CMP Model #SC2- 2472-29-PT- HEPA
  • 36″ W x 88-1/2″ H x 29″ D  – CMP Model #SC2- 3672-29-PT- HEPA
  • 48″ W x 88-1/2″ H x 29″ D  – CMP Model #SC2- 4872-29-PT- HEPA
  • 24″W x 40-1/2″H x 24″D – CMP Model #SC2-2424-24-PT-HEPA
  •  24″W x 40-1/2″ H x 18″D – CMP Model #SC2-2424-18-PT-HEPA

Floor Mounted Cart Pass Through Dimensions

• Inside Depth: 18″, 24″, 29″, 36-3/4″, 44-3/4″, or 50″

• Inside Height: 60″ 0r 72″

• Inside Width: 24″, 36″ or 48″

• HEPA Filtration: Option

Cart Pass Through Cabinets – Standard sizes

SC2-3660-29-PT-C.                     36” wide x 60” high x 29” deep

SC2-3660-50-PT-C.                     36” wide x 60” high x 50” deep

 SC2-3672-29-PT-C.             36” wide x 72” high x 29” deep   

SC2-4860-29-PT-C.                     48” wide x 60” high x 29” deep

 SC2-4872-29-PT-C.             48” wide x 72” high x 29” deep   


Continental Metal Products’ combination of high-quality construction, innovative design, and HEPA air filtering makes the CMP HEPA Cart Pass-Thru Cabinets, the preferred solution for maintaining the highest levels of air particle control in cleanrooms and Hospital Pharmacy USP 800 installations.