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Extra Deep, Large Stainless Steel Pass Through Cabinet for Hospital Pharmacy USP 800 /797 /825 , Operating Rooms and Clean Rooms.

Extra Large Stainless Steel Pass Through Operating Room Cabinet


 Floor Mounted Cart Pass-Through Cabinet


CMP has expanded the standard sizes of Pass-Thru Cabinets to include an additional extra large sizes for Hospital Operating Room, Pharmacy and Clean Room applications. These units can be designed to be mounted on the floor, facilitating the movement of  larger items or larger quantities of supplies in and out of the OR, pharmacy or cleanroom.  Carts can easily be roll in and out of the Pass-Through Cabinet, transferring large equipment from one clean room to another. These Large and extra deep Stainless Steel Pass Through Cabinet are also popular in Veterinary Clinics.

Custom Sizes

Large Stainless Steel Pass Through Operating Room Cabinet Extra Deep Stainless Steel Pass Through Cabinet for OR, Pharmacy or Clean Room. Deep enough to accommodate transfer of Carts.

  • 48″ Wide x 72″ High x 36-3/4″ Deep
  • 48″ Wide x 78″ High x 36-3/4″ Deep
  • 48″ Wide x 78″ High x 44-3/4″ Deep
  • 36″ Wide x 60″ High x 50″ Deep
  • CUSTOM SIZES  – Contact CMP

All Sizes of Pass Throughs – Learn More  

HEPA Option Available in many sizes of Pass-Through Chambers & Cabinets

Many Sizes of Pass-Through Chambers & Cabinets

Extra Large Pass Through Operating Room Cabinet for OR, Pharmacy or Clean Room. Deep enough to accommodate transfer of Carts.

This extra deep size, installed floor mounted with added ramps, enables carts and large equipment to be transferred from the sterile core to the OR and back, as well as through the Pharmacy Anteroom.

New 29″, 36″, 44″ and 50″ Deep – Large Pass Through Cabinet Sizes Added

Pass Through Cabinet in 29″ Depth allows the cabinet to be utilized adjacent to a 24″ deep Warming Cabinet or Surgical Storage Cabinet. This Extra Large Stainless Steel Pass Through Cabinet has been designed to be flush in thicker walls that also accommodate 24″ wide recessed cabinets. It is also popular as a cart Pass thru.

Optional Electronic Interlock in Large Stainless Steel Pass Through Cabinet

CMP’s exclusive interlock can be ordered to prevents either door from moving when the opposing door is opened. This ensures that the interlocked door cannot be forced open. The OR environment, hospital pharmacy anteroom, or Clean Room is protected during material transfer and eliminates Cross-Contamination.

CMP’s heavy-duty interlock system’s strength, resists up to 500 lbs. of force, and is perfect to assist in meeting USP <800> and USP <797> guidelines for Pass Throughs.

The electronic interlock design further assists in infection control. Since the system is installed in our unique design, the inside of the pass-through cabinet is easy to disinfect.

Lead Lined Large Pass Through Cabinet

CMP’s Pass Through Cabinets are offered with a Lead Lined option for x-ray protection. Our Stainless Steel OR Pass Thru cabinets combine effective radiation protection and durability.  CMP’s  Operating Room Supply cabinets offer the ultimate in space saving features for Hybrid ORs, Interventional Radiology and Cath Labs.

Pass Through Cabinet REVIT Families are available

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Fire Rated Pass Through Option available

90-minute fire rated option available to meet state and local fire Marshall codes

Infection Control and Inventory Control

Facilities and clinical staff love the increased efficiency that Continental Metal’s Pass through Cabinets facilitate. Infection Control is achieved by reducing contamination with transfer of samples and supplies from one room to another. Operational challenges such as; work flow, excess inventory costs, maintaining cleanliness and transfer of oversized equipment into the controlled environment, are all overcome! The inside chambers are easy to sterilize and are the perfect pass-through console for all types of aseptic environments. The smooth internal surfaces are quick and easy to wipe down and clean. Pilaster strips, and adjustable shelves can be removed easily and autoclaved for sterilization.

These exclusive Pass Throughs feature exposed all-continuous-seam welds that are ground and polished to a beautiful satin finish,  producing an ultra clean, flush surface.  The no-lip design excludes clearance restrictions, providing full use of the interior chamber. This design facilitates the simple transfer of supplies into and out of the operating room, pharmacy, cleanroom or laboratory. Every components of these cabinets has been designed to maximize infection control and simplify disinfection. The doors feature inset  shall have 1/4″ (6mm) thick shatterproof, safety-glass panes, enhancing full view of all contents.

Controlled Sterile Environment

 In the medical industry, a Large Stainless Steel Pass Through Cabinet is the ultimate solution to  sterile environments that can not be compromised. The interlocking stainless steel and/or glass doors on each side of these pass-through cabinets allow surgical, pharmaceutical and laboratory supplies to be restocked from one room while doors into sterile area remains locked.  This controlled  medical and hospital environment keeps areas germ free areas and untainted.

HIPAA Compliant Large Stainless Steel Pass Through Cabinet

CMP Pass-through cabinets are HIPAA, compliant and protect patient privacy in the Operating Room. Our most requested model will feature glass doors on the Or are side so that nurses can view the continents, while solid stainless steel doors on the sterile core side protect patient privacy. Hospital Pharmacy, Veterinary, and cleanroom applications usually specify glass doors on both sides for easy viewing in ether room. LED lights are also a popular option.

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