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Collaboration at CMP – Custom Surgical Scrub Sink Installation

Custom surgical scrub sink design,

The most innovative and beautiful surgical scrub sinks

Design professionals, hospitals and Continental Metal Products work together to produce innovative, beautiful results!

Healthcare Architect at Perkins & Will and NBBJ, worked together with the design engineering professionals at Continental Metal Products. Together they developed this truly innovative, spectacular twist producing this custom surgical scrub sink.

This section of the hospital was dedicated to pediatric ambulatory surgical patients. They were fully awake as they passed through the sub sterile core to the OR.

The hospital requested a design that would look less “scary”, “industrial” and “clinical” to the patient. 

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Custom Scrub Sink Design by CMP different views


The custom surgical scrub sink is just one example of the collaboration and innovation that Continental Metal Products provides. With over 70 years of experience providing stainless steel equipment worldwide, CMP can assist in any type of hospital operating room. procedure room, USP 800 / 797 pharmacy. sterile processing, Cath Lab, IR, Veterinary or Dental surgery. 


  • 28″ wide Single Bay ( 1-bay)
  • 48″ wide double bay ( 2-bay)
  • 70″ wide Triple bay ( 3-bay)


  • One Bay – 32” wide x 27 ¼” deep x 38” high
  • Two Bay – 62-7/8” wide x 27 ¼” deep x 38” high
  • Three Bay – 94-1/8” wide x 27 ¼” deep x 38” high
  • Four Bay – 120” wide x 27 ¼” deep x 38” high
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Splash -Free Scrub Sinks are another innovation from the engineering and design professionals at Continental Metal Products. A lead surgeon was unhappy with the standard scrub sinks and how he was often soaked during his scrub procedure. He asked CMP if we could raise the bar so his scubs would not get wet before surgery.

CMP designed a sink that met his requirements and it has become an industry standard.

Splash- Free Scrub Sinks



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