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CMP COVID-19 Blanket Warmers – Warming Cabinet Supply and Inventory

COVID-19 Healthcare Supply Chain-CMP is fully operational and here to assist you. All Spare Parts, Blanket Warmers, Pass Through Windows, and Scrub Sinks are In-Stock for Immediate Shipment. Most Cabinets are In Stock or Short Lead Times.


Continental Metal Products, Inc. – Open For Business

CMP COVID-19 Resource Center

As health organizations worldwide face the increase in patients from the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19, Continental Metal Products is ready to help, in meeting critical product, service, replacement parts, and project planning needs. CMP recognizes that due to the outbreak of COVID-19 Blanket Warmers and Blanket / Solution Warming Cabinets can play an essential role in expanded field hospitals. Additionally, we understand the importance of the availability of replacement parts and assistance with service-related questions. In response to COVID – 19, Continental Metal Products remains open and fully operational.

Our customer service, sales, and technical support teams will continue to be available by phone at 781-935-4400 or by email at sales@continentalmetal.com regarding  project requirements, current orders, technical support, and parts orders or other questions

Hospital Equipment In-Stock for Immediate Shipment

Many Hospitals are finding challenging disruption in the supply chain. Continental Metal Products can help! Many of our most popular products are IN-Stock for Immediate Shipment. Contact CMP today for all your Operating Room, Sterile Processing and Pharmacy USP 800 needs. Immediate availability on the following stainless steel hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center equipment;

  • Pass-Through Windows
  • Surgical Scrub Sinks
  • Blanket and Solution Warmers
  • Pass Through Chambers
  • Surgical Supply Cabinets
  • Surgical Instrument Pegboards
  • Mobile OR supply cabinets
  • Catheter Cabinets

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COVID-19 Essential Services

At Continental Metal, Products, we manufacture and supply essential products to the healthcare industry. Therefore, our Company and manufacturing facility continued to operate through the State of Massachusetts COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Advisory.

Continental Metal Products closely monitors all the most current information regarding coronavirus COVID-19, as released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). CMP is  proactively taking measures to keep our employees safe, and minimize any potential business disruptions. Please refer to the CDC website for more information and resources at www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html.

COVID 19 – CMP Spare Parts Availability

The logistics management of Continental Metal Products ensures that the availability of spare parts can be ensured over a longer period of time. Continental Metal Products has NEVER discontinued any spare parts of our current and prior product line. Most importantly we maintain extremely high levels of inventory of replacement parts for all Blanket Warming Cabinets, especially for use in COVID-19 Blanket Warmers.

Blanket Warmer / Blanket Warming Cabinet to be utilized for COVID -19 Surge and Field Expansion Hospitals

CMP Blanket Warmers – In Stock for COVID-19- more info

COVID-19 Blanket Warmers Increased Demands

Please be assured, business operations continue with no material interruption as global demand for several critical products has grown substantially. Our company has worked to significantly ramp up the production of these products and maintain a large inventory of all blanket and solution warming models and sizes.

Our dedicated manufacturing plant employees are currently hard at work filling orders – especially for COVID-19 Blanket Warmers, Solution Warming Cabinets, Surgical Scrub Sinks, and Pass-through Cabinets/windows. and more.

CMP and our dedicated employees, along with all of our clinical expertise, manufacturing capability and the stainless steel healthcare you have relied on for over 70 years, continues to be here for you. Just this week, we announced actions we are taking to support customers and end-users with our critical care products that meet COVID-19 patient needs.

CMP Blanket Warmers – In Stock for COVID-19- more info

Equipment to Support Infrastructure Expansion To Create Surge  Capacity

Specifically, CMP is significantly ramping up production, with the goal of more than doubling capacity in:​

Continental Metal Products robust supply chain - Double Compartment Hospital Blanket Warmers in Stock Available for Immediate shipment

Double Compartment Hospital Blanket Warmers in Stock Available for Immediate shipment

We are scaling production as rapidly as we can to meet the challenges the world is facing with COVID19, and are working with our global supply chain partners to minimize any potential disruption.

We are fortunate that manufacturing continues to operate at an increased capacity with only essential personnel staffed and rigorous protocol in place for maintaining the health of these employees.

CMP is working tirelessly and remotely to maintain our customer service support, technical support and service support for you and your efforts in patient care. We understand the challenges you currently face are immense and want to be sure you know that Continental Metal Products is committed to being there for you.

Ongoing Surgical, Pharmacy USP 800 and SPD Projects

As vital as facility needs are related to COVID-19, CMP understands that Surgical, Pharmacy USP 800 and SPD Projects continue to be planned, constructed and renovated. As always, Our technical, engineering and Sales support is available to assist in your Hospital and ASC projects. The same personalized assistance that facilities, architects and medical equipment planners have come to rely on, is fully operational remotely and safely from our project managers and customer service representatives home.

Most importantly we want to thank those of you working on the front lines taking care of the sick and keeping us all safe.  We pray you stay safe and healthy in the coming weeks and months.