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Choosing the Right Pegboard for Surgical Instruments

SPD surgical instrument pegboard, stainless steel instrument board in sterile processing department of hospital

Continental Metal’s Versatile Solutions make it easy to choose the best Pegboard for Surgical Instruments  to fit your SPD.

When it comes to selecting the ideal Surgical Instrument Pegboard for your Sterile Processing Department,  Continental Metal Products (CMP) offers a comprehensive range to meet your specific needs. 

The Continental Advantage for Pegboard Solutions 

Diverse Size Selection  

Variety is key when choosing the right Instrument pegboard and CMP  extensive array of standard sizes, ensuring you can easily find the perfect fit for your hospital’s Sterile Processing Department (SPD) . Whether it’s a compact 16″ x 24″ board or a spacious 48″ x 96″ model, CMP caters to all your spatial and functional requirements. CMP offer quick delivery of all standard size pegboards.

All sizes of CMP’s Pegboards

Efficient Customization of Pegboard Solutions 

CMP is able to deliver custom-sized Pegboard Solutions with remarkable speed., CMP ensures swift delivery when you require a Custom Pegboard for Surgical Instruments tailored precisely to your specifications. CMP provides  easy access to expert customer service agents,, expedited quotations, reducing wait times and offering a seamless experience. Many sizes are in stock or have 1-2 week lead times.

Durability and Hygiene of Pegboard for Surgical Instruments 

Built to Last Surgical Instrument Pegboards 

CMP’s  Pegboards  are engineered with a focus on durability and infection control. Constructed from 16-gauge, type 304 stainless steel with a No. 4 finish, these pegboards are designed to withstand the rigors of healthcare settings. They are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a sterile environment that complies with the strictest standards.

Effortless Installation 

The installation of CMP’s Instrument Pegboards is straightforward. They require no additional framing, saving both time and effort. Equipped with 1/4″ diameter holes perforating the front, the installation process is uncomplicated. Moreover, the 3⁄4” perimeter frame ensures proper wall spacing, allowing you to optimize the layout of your SPD or Sterile Processing Department.

Enhancing Your Setup with Pegboard Accessories 

Comprehensive Accessories for Pegboard for Surgical Instruments 

CMP goes beyond pegboards by offering a comprehensive range of accessories for your Instrument board. CMP manufactures stainless steel accessories to meet infection control standards. Single hooks, double hooks, “J” hooks, and “L” hooks, plus assortment packs, simplifying the attachment and storage of instruments of various sizes and shapes on your Surgical Instrument Pegboard. Y Stainless Steel Wire baskets also are available to  enhance the versatility of your setup. 

Making an Informed Choice 

When it comes to selecting the appropriate Surgical Instrument Pegboard  Continental Metal Products is your trusted partner. Their extensive selection, expedited customizations, and unwavering commitment to quality position them as the preferred choice for SPDs and Sterile Processing Departments within the healthcare industry.

Continental Metal Products will assist you in designing the perfect pegboard solution tailored to your unique requirements. 

Contact Continental, for the largest choice of Pegboard Solutions


Contact  Continental, for the largest choice of Pegboard Solutions.