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Stainless Steel Catheter Cabinets

Stainless Steel Catheter Cabinets – Catheter Storage – For Cath Lab, Hybrid ORs, IR, & Endoscopy

In hospital Cardiac Cath Lab, EP Lab, Hybrid Operating Rooms and Interventional Radiation Suite departments, CMP’s Stainless Steel Catheter storage cabinets, Mobile Catheter Storage Carts, and recessed cabinets are the industry gold standard for catheter storage. 

Stainless Steel Catheter Cabinets – Catheter Storage – For Cath Lab, Hybrid ORs, IR, & Endoscopy   

Catheter Storage Cut Sheets Catheter Slides pull out for full extension in CMP Stainless Steel Catheter Storage Cabinet

Stainless Steel Catheter Storage Cabinet Specs and Options

  Non-Porous Stainless Steel cabinets are the preferred choice for catheter storage, due to the invasive nature of the procedures in these departments. For medical applications, hygiene is the highest priority and therefore stainless steel is the choice of material which offers the most hygienic, easy to clean surface. It is vital that equipment that comes in contact with, or is surgically implanted in the body, is Stainless Steel.

Catheter Cabinet Specs and Options

CMP Stainless Steel Catheter Cabinets provide the utmost in Accessibility Stainless Steel Catheter Storage Cabinet with double row of catheter storage hooks from Continental Metal Products


Each catheter slide offers full extension, which brings the catheters into full view allowing quick access and visual inventory of remaining stock. Available in Freestanding, Mobile or Recessed catheter cabinets to minimize room clutter. Catheter Cabinets can be customized to include Stainless Steel Shelves, baskets and trays in addition to the catheter slides. Roll up tambour doors are also an option for easy accessibility.

High Density Storage

Stainless steel Catheter Storage Cabinet from CMP stores Catheters of various sizes, as seen in Cath Lab or Hybrid Operating Room


Excellent high density storage along with inventory organization is achieved. Hinged stainless steel doors or glass doors are available.




Catheters are supported from catheter hangers or slides. It is easy to organize and locate catheters with pullout CMP ‘s Stainless Steel Catheter Slides. Mobile carts come in different heights and widths, with flat or slope tops  Endless modular configurations are available.

For endoscopy departments, CMP scope cabinetry is available in stainless steel for storage of flexible endoscopes. Continental Metal Products endoscopy storage can store a wide range of flexible endoscope types and increases storage capacity over other methods.

Mobile Stainless Steel Catheter Cabinetsslop top modular catheter storage with wheels , catheter slides and storage bins / baskets


Mobile Catheter Cabinets with casters and locks provide the ultimate in flexibility for you facility. Catheter Storage Solutions with wheels enable usage in different Cath Labs and Hybrid OR’s, in your hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Center. These versatile mobile Catheter Cabinets can be easily restocked and moved through the facility.

For more than 70 years, Continental Metal Products has been a market leader in the design and development of comprehensive storage solutions for CATH labs, hybrid operating rooms and interventional radiology departments.

CMP collaborates with hospital professionals, architects and equipment planners to design cath labs, Hybrid ORs and IR departments.  These rooms are built around storing more supplies in a given amount of space and organizing those supplies in a manner conducive to quick identification and easy retrieval.

In this way CMP can help you maximize storage in these key departments of the hospital.

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