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Cath Lab Cabinets – Mobile Carts & Recessed Cabinets

Cath Lab Cabinets for stationary, recessed and mobile storage of catheters and cath lab supplies in stainless steel

CMP’s extensive portfolio of Cath Lab storage solutions, includes stationary storage cabinets and mobile storage carts. These durable, stainless steel cabinets are designed to provide instant access to catheters, surgical supplies and Operating Room equipment. CMP’s storage cabinets are available in dimensions and designs to meet every Interventional Cardiology Cardiac Cath Lab and Hybrid OR need. Cabinets can be recessed, flush mounted, freestanding or mobile with casters and locks..

Free standing Cath Lab storage cabinet with catheter slides bins baskets wheels and slopetop WHAT ARE CATH LAB STORAGE CARTS AND CABINETS?


Stainless steel cabinets provide the perfect medical storage solution for all of your Cath Lab supplies. The consultants at CMP help you design your Cath Lab to maintain compliance with The Joint Commission. At the same time we assist in maximizing work flow, clinician safety, infection control, and efficiency.

Sturdy catheter slide tracks help you store and manage up to 800 catheters in a single cabinet. That is because each Catheter slide accommodates 10 to 15 catheters per hook

Store long stent boxes, balloons, guide wires, and other supplies efficiently for easy access with our specially-designed interior modular bins, trays and baskets. Limitless flexibility is achieved by Cardiac Cath Lab Cabinets that are configured with adjustable shelves. Custom solutions also include instrument pegboards on the back of the cabinet as well as internal stainless steel drawers, to meet the requirements of each specific cardiac cath lab, hybrid OR or Interventional Radiology (IR). CMP storage carts and cabinets are designed specifically for the safe storage of catheters, guide wires, introducers, and boxed supplies. Store long stent boxes, balloons, guide wires, and other supplies efficiently for easy access with our specially-engineered interior modules.

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CATH LAB CABINET OPTIONS   Cath Lab Cabinets in Hybrid OR / Operating Room      

* Mobile, Freestanding with slope tops or recessed in-wall option

* Standard key lock or optional electronic lock 
* 5″” locking medical-grade casters
* Flexible cell design and system of interior components adapt to the specific supply and procedure storage needs of healthcare facility   

* Available with adjustable stainless steel shelves 


Cath Lab Cabinets need to hold conventional supplies used to achieve diagnosis and perform coronary interventions, plus specific supplies and equipment to treat coronary perforations, non-dialatable coronary lesions and heavily calcified lesions

  • Catheters, diagnostic catheters, guide catheters
  • angioplasty balloons, and coronary stents
  • angioplasty guidewires,
  • Peripherals, Long Sheaths
  • IV Fluids, Administration Sets, Contrast
  • Long Stent Boxes, Procedure Packs
  • Tubing, Stopcocks
  • plaque modification devices


Site planning is a critical component to building a CATH lab. and determining the proper number and configuration of Cath lab cabinets for storage of supplies.

Precise planning of each component is necessary to ensure sound functionality in the lab for the intended procedure(s). Site planning including the configuration of the storage cabinets can be done easily and efficiently with the right team involved. In order to determine the best catheterization laboratory design for the space available, we suggest you have a site architect, medical equipment planner / specialist and the nurses and physician(s) who will be performing procedures in the lab. It is important to work wit a manufacturer that has decades of experience in design of these facilities, to ensure the utmost functionality of the configuration.

CMP has designed, manufactured and assembled storage solutions in stainless steel for CATH Labs and Operating rooms, n the United States for 75 years.

Design and engineering project managers are assigned to each and every project. If it is one cabinet to improve existing storage, new construction or a space renovation, CMP assists every step of the way..

The Cardiac Catheterization Lab is a vital room in a hospital. The minimally evasive tests preformed here, enable healthcare professionals to make lifesaving diagnosis. In these catheterization procedures, one of the most critical components is the catheter. These thin, flexible tubes are guided through a blood vessel to the heart to diagnose or treat certain heart conditions, such as clogged arteries or irregular heartbeats.

Contact CMP to ensure that your catheters and other procedure supplies are stored in the most effective and functional manner.

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