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Blanket Warmers in Stock – CMP Single & Double Compartment Warmers

Medical & Hospital Blanket and Solution Warmers to fit any size Healthcare space and application, including Pass Through Warming Cabinets and Lead Lined Blanket and Solution Warmers

All CMP Blanket Warmers In Stock 

All models of CMP Blanket Warmers in stock and ready for immediate shipping to meet COVID- 19 needs. In order to insure inventory for increased facility requirements for Blanket and Solution Warming Cabinets in Corona Virus Surge facilities, CMP has ramped up inventory levels. CMP maintains high stocking levels of Single and Double Compartment Blanket Warmers, including Full size models, Mid-size and countertop models.These beautiful, State-of-the-art, digital touchscreen Blanket Warmers are in stock and can be shipped within one day after receiving purchase order. These units are fully assembled and have gone through rigorous Quality Control testing. CMP ships units on skids, wrapped in blankets, via  protective padded trucks with white glove delivery. The facility does not have to spend time and resources un-crating these Warmers. Green packaging ensures no boxes  or crates to dispose of.

CMP Blanket Warmers – In Stock for COVID-19- more info

Blanket Warmers in Stock - Double Compartment Solution Blanket Warmers awaiting ShipmentCOVID-19 Demands

Blanket Warmers in Stock - Countertop and Two Compartment Blanket Warmers in QC Globally hospitals are facing increases in patients from the horrific spread of coronavirus/COVID-19.  Continental Metal Products is positioned to respond. Critical products are in inventory as well as all replacement parts. Design consultants, project Managers, and service engineers are available 7 days per week for project planning and service related needs.  In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, CMP recognizes that having Blanket Warmers in stock and Blanket / Solution Warming Cabinets can play a vital role in expanded field hospitals. and surge facilities.  All orders for COVID-19 Blanket Warmers, Solution Warming Cabinets, Surgical Scrub Sinks, Pass-through Cabinets and Pass through windows are expedited

Continental Metal Products customer service and manufacturing facility employees have continued to be fully operational. They are deemed essential workers by the state of Massachusetts

COVID 19 – CMP Spare Parts Availability

CMP  maintains extremely high levels of inventory of replacement parts for all Blanket Warming Cabinets, especially for use in COVID-19 Blanket Warmers.

Our customer service, sales, and technical support teams are all easily accessable by phone at 781-935-4400 or by email at sales@continentalmetal.com regarding  project requirements, current orders, technical support, and parts orders or other questions

 CMP continues to provide the stainless steel healthcare equipment and personalized service that you have relied on for over 70 years

Blanket Warmers in Stock – Available Warming Cabinet Models

The following CMP models of CMP blanket warmers in stock currently with solid stainless steel or glass door(s)

Countertop Blanket Warmer Model •DSW3AE • Single Compartment 

  • 30” wide x 26” high (762mm x 660mm)  Outside Dimensions, 180 lbs.
  • Available in either 21″ or 27″ depths;  (533mm or  686mm)
  • Storage capacity 3.8 cu. ft (21″ deep) and 5.2 cu. ft (27″ deep)

Medium-Sized Blanket Warmer Model •DSW1AE • Single Compartment  

  • 30” wide X 45” high (762mm W x 1143mm H) Outside Dimensions, 200 lbs.
  • Available in either 21″ or 27″ depths;  (533mm or  686mm deep)
  • Storage capacity 7.0 cu. ft (21″ deep) and 9.4 cu. ft (27″ deep)

Full Sized Double Compartment Model Blanket Warmer Model •DSW-2AE

  • Two independently warmed and controlled compartments
  • 30” wide X 74” high   or  68″ high (762mm W  x 1880mm H or 1727mm high)   Outside Dimensions, 410 lbs.
  • Available in either 21″ or 27″ depths;  (533mm or  686mm deep)
  • Storage capacity 13.9 cu. ft (21″ deep) and 18.7 cu. ft (27″ deep)

Full Sized Single Compartment Blanket Warmer Model• DSW1AE-FH

  • 30” wide X 74” high (762mm W x 1880mm H) Outside Dimensions, 400
  • Available in either 21″ or 27″ depths;  (533mm or  686mm deep)
  • Storage capacity 14.8 cu. ft (21″ deep) and 19.8 cu. ft (27″ deep)

Equipment to Support Surge Capacity Facility Expansion 

 CMP has also increased inventory Levels in in order to assist in increased demands in field hospitals and surge capacity facilities.:

Ongoing Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center Projects

As urgent as healthcare needs are related to COVID-19, CMP understands that Surgical, Pharmacy USP 800 and SPD Projects continue to be designeded, constructed and renovated. As it has in the past, CMP’s consultative,  customer service, engineering, product management  and Sales support is available to assist  Hospital / ASC professionals, architects and medical equipment planners in their current and upcoming projects. The personalized assistance that CMPis known for, is fully operational remotely and safely from our project managers and customer service representatives home.

Most importantly, CMP wants to recognize and thank the essential workers the front lines.