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Continental Metal Products (CMP) is a market leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality Stainless Steel Capital Equipment for the healthcare industry. For over 68 years, CMP’s portfolio of products has been an integral part of operating rooms, emergency rooms, cardiac cath labs, PACUs, Hybrid Operating Rooms, sterile processing department (SPD) and other ancillary areas, of hospital facilities worldwide, as well as Ambulatory Surgical Centers.

CMP’s  Blanket / Solution Warmers, Surgical Scrub Sinks, Pass-through Cabinets and Operating Room Storage Cabinets are found in most new hospital construction and renovation projects. Continental Metal Products, continues to be an industry leader by adding new products and options.

Hospital clinical staff satisfaction and ease of operation have been the focus of Continental Metal Products since our inception. CMP continually introduces innovative solutions to clinical design, operation and storage. Our extensive background and knowledge of the clinical environment facilitate our continual improvement of hospital operating rooms and ancillary areas.

New innovations include:

Splash-Free Surgical Scrub Sink  This non-splash scrub sink is specially  designed in a matter to keep the surgical staff from getting wet.

Quick-Temp Temperature logging option for CMP Blanket and Solution Warmers eliminates handwritten paper logs. Quick-Temp utilizes a USB flash drive to download temperature logs in 30-minute intervals and can be stored on any computer.

Mobile OR Storage Carts  utilizing interchangeable accessories to provide versatile storage solutions. CMP’s Mobile Storage is designed to address the constantly evolving supply need of varying medical procedures. Continental Metal Products’ storage solutions are designed specifically to meet these challenges while maximizing the utilization of valuable space within all clinical departments.

Pass-Through CabinetsPass Through Warming Cabinets and Lead Lined Pass Through Cabinets, assist in protecting your environment during material transfer. CMP’s exclusive electronic interlock system provides a more secure, tight seal.

Continental Metal Products continues to develop products exclusively for the rigorous demands of the healthcare environment. CMP strives to surprise and delight Doctors, Nurses, clinical staff and design professionals with beautifully crafted equipment and cutting edge technology. CMP will work with you to develop the proper design and solution for your department, project and budget.

When you are ready to make Continental Metal Products a part of your hospital, we are ready to assist you every step of the way. We are happy to assist with complementary layout assistance, custom design drawings and Revit® Families. For further information on how CMP can make your OR and ancillary areas more functional, call 781-935-4400 or contact us today.


Our founder, Harry Siegal, learned his skills as a sheet metal mechanic before World War II.  During the war, he joined the army and was severely wounded while participating in the invasion of Normandy.  Like many other veterans, he decided to start his own company after the war to support his new family.  With that desire, he founded Continental Metal Products in 1948.  A building in Dorchester, Massachusetts was found to house it.

The company was incorporated in the state of Massachusetts in 1953.

In the beginning, CMP manufactured stainless steel food service equipment.  The equipment was primarily for use in commercial facilities.  The company made both individual pieces of equipment and whole kitchens for many different types of institutions (including hospitals).

Harry Siegal was always looking for new products and better manufacturing methods.  As a result of his association with the food service areas in hospitals, he decided to develop additional products. These new products were to be used in areas of the hospitals other than the food service areas. The new products drew upon CMP’s experience working with stainless steel (which is easy to clean and disinfect and lasts for years and years) and CMP’s refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical background. These new products became the Nourishment Centers, Medicine Centers, Warming Cabinets, Scrub Sinks, and Storage Cabinets that comprise CMP’s major product lines today.

As time went by, the limitations of the facility in Dorchester, Massachusetts became obvious.

With his eye ever to the future, Harry Siegal moved the company to a new building he had built just off Route 128 (“America’s Technology Highway”) in Woburn, Massachusetts where it is now located.

This new facility houses our production, engineering and administrative staff.

Harry died in 1991. Since then, his descendants have been managing the company. There are still many production personnel working here that learned their trade from Harry. They will tell you how he taught them to make sure that a piece of equipment worked properly and its finish was to the highest standards before it left our plant.

Unlike many others, CMP will still produce equipment to your unique design. However, our major products, as shown in other areas of this website, are Nourishment Centers, Medicine Centers, Warming Cabinets, Scrub Sinks, Storage Consoles, Tables, and Icemakers.  Our blanket warmers, solution warmers, and scrub sinks have become the industry standard.

All of our products are made to the highest quality standards of the industry and are finished with “old world” quality. They are solid and reliable and are designed to give years of trouble-free performance.

Our products are used in most of the hospitals in the United States and are exported to hospitals throughout the world.  Medical offices, laboratories, surgicenters and outpatient facilities are also outfitted with CMP equipment.