Dual Compartment Warmers – Warm Blankets and Fluids Separately

Importance of Dual Compartment Warmers


2 Dedicated Compartments for Hospital Dual Compartment Warmers

Do you need to upgrade or replace your warming cabinets? The first and most important consideration is to ensure the Hospital Warmer contains 2 different compartments.  Dual Compartment Warmers are critical. The Blankets and fluids will be warmed in separate, dedicated compartments with separate heating elements and temperature controls.  Blankets can and should be warmed to a higher temperature than fluids. The ECRI Institute recommends that temperature settings on blanket warming cabinets be limited to 130° F.  (see HAZARD REPORT UPDATE – ECRI Institute Revises Its Recommendation for Temperature Limits on Blanket Warmers) The warmer blankets provide more warmth, comfort, and safety to patients while preventing hypothermia. Hypothermia increases the risk of surgical site infections.

Warming Cabinet Specifications
Continental Metal Products Warmer filled incorrectly combining solution and blankets in the same compartment

Continental Metal Products Warmer filled incorrectly combining solution and blankets in the same compartment

Fluids, if heated to the temperatures typically desired for blankets, creates a serious burn risk. Therefore,  the two items should be warmed separately. So how warm should fluids be? Look for manufacturers’ recommendations. Every bottle or bag should tell you what temperature range to aim for and how long you can store the IV fluid or irrigating solution at that temperature — typical specifications will be about 21 days at 96 to 110°F. Fluids should then be cooled to approximate normal body temperature before use – 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Separate Temperature controls Dual compartment Warming Cabinets

Dual Compartment Hospital Warming Cabinets meet all blanket and fluid/solution warming requirement when used correctly. ECRI states; ” To accommodate these two limits, we now also recommend that facilities wishing to warm blankets above 110° F heat blankets and solutions in separate, dedicated warming cabinets (or, in the case of combination cabinets, in dedicated compartments with separate heating elements and controllers).” Continental Metal Products newest generation Blanket and Solution Warming Cabinet meets these requirements with it’s updated TOUCHSCREEN Controls in our popular 2 compartment warming cabinets. Easy to program, dual compartment controls, make it easy to regulate the temperature of both the top and bottom chamber.


Dual Compartment Warmer for warming hospital blankets and solutions with touchscreen display and mobile with casters from Continental Metal Products

Dual Compartment Warmer for separate storage of hospital blankets and solutions with touchscreen display


Hospital Blanket warmer  - single chamber unit

Hospital Blanket warmer – single chamber unit

Single Compartment Warming Cabinet 

In large facilities, especially Operating Room, Hybrid Ors, Cath Labs, Surgery Centers, Dental Surgery and Veterinary Surgery Dual Compartment Warmers are the best option. Other applications may only require warm blankets. PACU, Emergency Room, Chemotherapy Infusion, Imaging, and other procedure rooms may only need a single compartment/chamber Blanket Warmer,

Continental Metal Products strives to make it easy to find the best size/type Blanket Warmer or Warming cabinet for all your medical and hospital requirements. Full Height, Mid-size, Counter-top, mini and Pass-Through Warmers are all available in our broad product line of state-of-the-art Warmers. 

Warming Cabinet Models & Sizes
Many sizes of Hospital Warming Cabinets & Blanket Warmers including 2-compartment, full size single chamber, counter top, mid-size, pass-through and mini blanket warmers

Touch Screen Warmer Cabinet Size

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