Pass-throughs meet pharmacy USP 800 Compliance

CMP adds Options to Pass-throughs pharmacy USP 800


Hospital Pass-throughs pharmacy USP 800 compliance 

Pharmacy Pass-throughs with interlocking doors are a major requirement of Pharmacy USP 800 and 797. CMP’s beautifully crafted Pass Through Cabinets are in huge demand nationwide, as hospitals scramble to meet the USP <800> deadline on hazardous drug handling, of December 1, 2019. Continental Metal Products is extremely responsive to the specification needs of hospital pharmacy managers. CMP continues to upgrade the options on these popular Pass-throughs pharmacy USP 800 Cabinets.

Pass Through Cabinet Options to assist Pharmacy staff in USP 800 /797

Pass through USP Pharmacy Cabinet with LED Lights

Pass through USP Pharmacy Cabinet with LED Lights

  • LED Lighting for Cabinet Interior Illumination 
  • Dimmable LED lights – resulting in instant-on lighting when doors are open
  • Syringe Storage Hopper
  • Programmable 5 to 75-second delay opening
  • Battery back-up
  • Additional Adjustable Shelves
  • Taller edges and dividers on some shelves
  • Continuous Improvements to meet End-user Requirements                  
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LED Lighting for Cabinet Interior Illumination 

Hospital pharmacy staff are requesting LED lighting to illuminate the inside of cabinets. Every hospital pharmacy is unique, and the personnel have varied requirements in their pass thru cabinets. CMP will customize the Pass-Thru Cabinets according to these specific needs.  Optional LED improve the visibility of supplies. Above all, LED lighting is applicable because LEDs emit little heat, therefore not jeopardizing the integrity of the drugs and supplies.

Dimmable LED lights – instant-on when doors are open

Hospital pharmacists are also requesting dimmable LED lights. To meet that requirement, CMP’s LED lights are instantly-on when the pass through cabinet doors are opened, and dim when the doors are closed. CMP responds quickly to the remands pharmacy managers and implements the dimmable light design it their pharmacy pass through cabinets. These LED lights are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The lights supply 50,000+ hours of rated life and exceed federal energy act requirements. They contribute to LEED energy use reduction credits and are cUL us  listed.

Syringe Storage Hopper in Pass-throughs pharmacy USP 800

Stainless Steel Syringe Storage Hopper in Pass through pharmacy cabinet

Syringe Storage Hopper Pass through pharmacy cabinet

Directors of Pharmacy Operations and Compliance request a better method to load and store syringes in their newly designed pharmacy pass throughs, via a syringe storage hopper. CMP engineers customize will stainless steel accessories to meet the syringe storage needs.

Programable 5 to 75 second delay opening

Pharmacists may be concerned regarding how quickly the opposing doors would disengage and request a delay opening option. Although  99% of the installations, this is not a concern, CMP strives to be responsive to end-user requests. An optional, 1-10 second delay in disengagement of the interlock can be specified, keeping the opposing doors closed longer. As an additional option, a green, “go” light can be added to alert the staff that the door on the other side is closed and the door on their side will open easily. At the same time, a red, “stop” light can be ordered as an option, indicating that the opposing doors are open, and the staff cannot access the cabinet at that point in time.

New Pass Through Cabinet With HEPA fan/filter module

HEPA  fan/filter module Option is available in 29″deep models. This new 99.99% efficient HEPA filter option provides for the efficient transfer of supplies and drugs in and out of the cleanroom environment. CMP’s HEPA Pass Through Cabinets exceeds the U.S. Department of Energy High Energy Particle Arrestance (HEPA) standard by removing at least 99.99 percent of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter.

Pass-throughs pharmacy USP 800 with Battery back-up

As added insurance in case of power failure, Optional backup battery for interlocking doors will maintain power for 6-8 hrs. 

Additional Adjustable Shelves

Optional Additional Adjustable Shelves are customized to the initial order of CMP’s pass through cabinets to meet the requirement of varied storage supply needs. No need to worry, additional adjustable stainless steel storage shelves are always available for order, as needed. 

Taller edges and dividers on some shelves

Taller edges and dividers on shelves pass through pharmacy cabinetSometimes pharmacies have needs to store larger items that are not placed in bins, and require Pass thru cabinets with taller edges and dividers on some shelves. This added option of stainless steel divides on the shelves helps in the organization of a variety of supplies.

Continuous Improvements to meet End-use Requirements

Continental Metal Products differentiates itself as a manufacturer of Pharmacy Pass Through Cabinets to meet USP 800, because we are responsive to End-user requirements. We believe in continuous improvement as we consistently add value to or healthcare equipment with new standard features and benefits.


The standards of the United States Pharmacopeia’s USP 797 and USP 800, include workroom air pressure requirements, specialized workflows, isolation measures, and sterility conditions. General Chapter <800> describes requirements relating to hazardous drugs- handling in sterile environments. USP General Chapter <797>  describes a number of requirements relating to pharmaceutical compounding – Sterile Preparations.

Pass-throughs are two-sided recessed storage cabinets connecting various areas of the pharmacy clean rooms, in order to transfer drugs and supplies without risking sterility or exposure. Continental’s proprietary electronic interlock system, establishes a fail-safe lock of the pass-through doors in one room when the doors on the opposite side are open. This exclusive method of interlocking doors, helps to ensure a quality environment, while protecting healthcare personnel from hazardous drugs.


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