CMP Recessed OR Supply Cabinets and Warmers at INOVA!

The New INOVA Women’s Hospital features CMP’s Stainless Steel Recessed Operating Room Cabinets

Check out INOVA’s new video. You will see CMP’s beautiful Recessed Operating Room Supply Cabinets and Warmers in their new ORs at 2:24. CMP is honored to be part of this beautiful new hospital. It is rated one of the best in the nation by US News and World report!

The OR Supply Console and Blanket and Solution Warmer provide more space in the Operating Room due to their flush, recessed installation.  Learn More

Surgical Operating Room Cabinets Sizes

  • 24” deep
  • 42″ wide, 60″ high available in 15″ depth
More Info on Recessed OPerating Room Cabinets from CMP

CMP’s OR Storage Cabinets

CMP’s Operating room storage cabinets Inova Women’s Hospital are utilized in operating rooms, catheterization (cath) labs, radiology and endoscopy departments, Sterile Processing Departments (SPD), and other hospital and healthcare departments. These stainless steel surgical storage cabinets optimize storage of surgical supplies, instruments, catheters and devices. CMP’s surgical supply cabinets are constructed from stainless steel because it is the most sterile and possesses a bacteriostatic surface. Stainless steel OR cabinets are easily cleaned.  Operating room cabinets often come in a tremendous variety of standard or customized sizes and options, dependant on the requierments of the facility and the application. These surgical operating room storage cabinets safely store medical supplies in a manner that  can be easily accessed by hospital personel. CMP can help you choosing the right type of surgical storage cabinet–freestanding, recessed or mobile – for your facility or department. Slopetops and automatic tambour roll-up doors are also available.

Recessed Operating Room Cabinets at Inova Woman's and Children's Hospital includes stainless steel surgical supply cabinet and blanket warmer

Recessed Operating Room Cabinets at Inova Woman’s and Children’s Hospital .

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