Pass Through Chambers USP 800

Pass-Through Chambers and Pass Thru Boxes, manufactured by CMP allow restocking from USP Pharmacy Anteroom. Interlocking doors limit clean room exposure to contaminants. CMP’s Stainless Steel Pass Through Chambers meet hospital pharmacy pass-through needs as well as operating room, surgery centers and  veterinary clinics.  Pass Thru Boxes are configured with options to meet your requirements. Access from both rooms inside the Pharmacy facilitate quick turnaround and provide for FIFO rotation.

CMP designs medical pass thru cabinets for operating rooms, laboratories, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, hospital pharmacy anteroom and production facilities that employ stringent isolation procedures. 

Pass Thru Chambers meet Hospital Pharmacy USP 800 and 797

Pass through chamber with interlocking doors meeting USP 800 requirements in Stainless Steel From CMP

           Pass-Through Chamber

Pharmacy Pass-Through Cabinets and Pass-Thru chambers meet USP < 800 > and USP < 797 > Clean Room Compliance for ” Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparations”.

Electronic Interlocking Doors

CMP’s utilizes an exclusive interlock system option to lock the opposing doors. CMP’s Electronic Interlock System utilizes updated, state-of-the-art technology that ensures superior operational functionality as compared with the mechanical interlock systems of the past. This fail-safe design immediately locks the opposing door with a more secure safety seal. Mechanically interlocked systems do not hold as tightly.

Revit ® Families Available for CMP Pass Through Chambers  REVIT® Families Pass Thru Chambers 

Fire Rated Option Available

Electronic Interlock System option for Pass-Through Chambers

LARGE Pass Through Cabinets – 60″ 72″ high

Lead Lined Pass Through Chambers  for X-Ray Protection

Pass Through Window Assembly



  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Safety-Plate Glass Doors On Both Sides of Unit
  • Stainless Steel doors 
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Available Lead Lined unit for X-Ray Protection
  • Available with Electronic Interlock System Option
  • Fire Rated Option available with Failsafe Activation
  • Optional LED lights – dimmable illumination, long-lasting, and produce less heat




35 1/2″ w x 32” h

21.44″ w x 23.93” h 

Depths: 18″, 24″, 29″ and 36″ ( 457,  610, 914 mm)



Designed to be install in wall or OR, “Pass Through” Storage Console shall be constructed of Type 304 stainless steel with No. 4 finish. Welding is to be done by Heliarc process, exposed welds to be ground and polished to match No. 4 finish. Dimensions of unit are listed in the Specifications section. Console shall contain one fixed bottom shelf and three adjustable intermediate shelves.

Pass Through Doors

Both front and back of the unit shall be enclosed with two  hinged, glazed doors with chrome-plated knob handles and stainless steel frame. Each door shall have 1/4″ (6mm) thick shatterproof, safety-glass panes. Two sets of doors shall enable loading of the cabinet from one side and unloading from other, thus permitting storing of pharmaceutical supplies without entering the sterile room.



  • Fire Rated Option available with Failsafe Activation
  • Stainless Steel Door(s) or Glass Door(s)
  • Stainless Steel Door(s) 
  • Available Depths: 18″, 24″, 29″ or 36″ (457,  610, 736.6 or 914 mm)
  • Lead Lined Unit for X-Ray Protection
  • LED Lighting for Cabinet Interior Illumination – Interior Light Option
  • Dimmable LED lights – instant-on when doors are open
  • Indicator light to alert staff –  glows red doors are open- green doors are closed
  • Tinted Glass – preventing room light from entering into the inner cabinet and protecting medications

Electronic Interlock System Option

CMP’s Exclusive Interlock mechanism prevents either door from moving when the opposing door is open, protecting your OR, Operating room, Hospital Pharmacy Anteroom or clean room environment during material transfer. In this way, ensuring that the interlocked door cannot be forced open.


Standard Sizes:

Small Pass Through Chambers

Model #                                    Dimensions     

SC2-3632-18-PT            35 1/2″ w x 32” h x 1 8 deep

SC2-3632-24-PT            35 1/2″ w x 32” h x 24 deep

SC2-2224-18-PT            21.44″ w x 23.93” h x 18 deep

SC2-2224-24-PT            21.44″ w x 23.93” h x 24 deep

Large Pass Through Cabinets

Model #                                    Dimensions                                                      Options

SC2-2460-18-PT          24” wide x 60” high x 18” deep                         Hinged Glass Doors

SC2-3660-18-PT          36” wide x 60” high x 18” deep                         Stainless Steel Double Pan Doors

SC2-4260-18-PT          42” wide x 60” high x 18” deep                         Two-Point Knob Locks

SC2-4860-18-PT          48” wide x 60” high x 18” deep                         Stainless Steel Finished Top

                                                                                                                         Stainless Steel Finished Ends

SC2-2460-24-PT          24” wide x 60” high x 24” deep                        Gaskets

SC2-3660-24-PT          36” wide x 60” high x 24” deep                        Electronic Interlock System

SC2-4260-24-PT          42” wide x 60” high x 24” deep                        Back Up Battery Pack                                                       

SC2-4860-24-PT            48” wide x 60” high x 24” deep                      Stainless Steel Pedestal Base

                                                                                                                         Stainless Steel Trim Strips

SC2-3660-29-PT            36” wide x 60” high x 29” deep                      Lead Lined Unit for X-Ray Protection

SC2-4860-29-PT          48” wide x 60” high x 29” deep                        ½” Thick Tempered Glass Shelves

                                                                                                                        Custom Sizes                                                  

SC2-2472-18-PT          24” wide x 72” high x 18” deep                         LED Interior Lights

SC2-3672-18-PT          36” wide x 72” high x 18” deep                         Fire Rated Options

                                                                                                                         Modular Tray& Basket Accessories

SC2-4272-18-PT          42” wide x 72” high x 18” deep                          Warming Cabinet                              

SC2-4872-18-PT          48” wide x 72” high x 18” deep                             


SC2-2472-24-PT          24” wide x 72” high x 24” deep

SC2-3672-24-PT          36” wide x 72” high x 24” deep

SC2-4272-24-PT          42” wide x 72” high x 24” deep

SC2-4872-24-PT          48” wide x 72” high x 24” deep


SC2-3672-29-PT            36” wide x 72” high x 29” deep

SC2-4872-29-PT          48” wide x 72” high x 29” deep


SC2-4878-36-PT            48″w x 78″h x 36-3/4″ deep

SC2-4878-44-PT          48″w x 78″h x 44-3/4″ deep



                        These models are part of our standard product line.  Custom sizes are available.

Many other options and sizes available, Please contact us with your specific requirements



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