Pass Thru Interlock – Selecting the Right Pass through

Electronic Interlock is the Best Practice for  Pass Through Cabinets and Chambers for USP 800 and 797! It is strongly recommends the retrofit of these types of pass-throughs with interlocking doors. Interlock ensures that inside and outside doors may never be opened simultaneously. Pass-thru cabinets (also called pass-thru airlocks) prevent contamination and increase productivity. Pass-thrus […]

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Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel in Hospital Applications

Both aluminum and stainless steel are frequently used in healthcare installations. Each of these high performance metals offer unique benefits and properties, specifically suited to different applications within hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers. How do you choose which material is most appropriate for your  use? Architects, Medical Equipment Planners and SPD managers may question which […]

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Lead Lined Pass Thru Window for X-Ray Protection

X-Ray Protection in Pass Through Window   CMP’s new Pass-Thru Window assemblies with X-ray Safety Glass, is  designed to easily be installed  into  Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging or Radiation Therapy areas of hospitals and ambulatory facilities.  Medical Diagnostic Imaging Rooms, Radiation Therapy Facilities or Industrial X-Ray NDT rooms require the safety of X-ray protection and shielding […]

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Pass-Thru Chamber vs Pass Through Cabinet – USP 800

Size matters when specifying Pass Throughs For compliance with USP<800> and USP<797> for Hospital Pharmacy remodel, renovations and build-outs, there are better options than small Pass Through Chambers. The new general chapter, USP 800 Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings, has created a lot of confusion around what types of Pass-Throughs are appropriate for the hazardous drug […]

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Happy Thanksgiving from CMP!

Are You Using Stainless Steel Equipment for Thanksgiving?   Hope you are  using Stainless Steel kitchen appliances, not the Medical Equipment this holiday!      Please Drive Carefully and Enjoy your Holiday Celebration and Long Weekend!   After the leftovers are gone, let us know if we can assist you as you tie up your projects […]

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Full Size Blanket Warmer with Glass Doors

Full View of Warm Blanket Inventory                                                                                                   […]

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REVIT available for Pharmacy Pass Through Cabinets to meet USP<800> and <797>

Hospital Pharmacy Buildout Requires Pass Through Cabinets / Chambers With so many hospitals scrambling to meet USP<800> and USP<797> guidelines, Pass through Cabinets and Pass through Chambers are an integral component of the pharmacy plan. These Pass-throughs must be equipped with Interlocking Doors.  This exclusive Electronic Interlock  prevent both doors from being opened at the same […]

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USP <800> Compliance Deadline – Pass Through Design

Good news! – Extended time to Comply with USP 800 Guidelines  Hospital Pharmacies have been under pressure to comply with The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs: Handling in Healthcare Settings. Fortunately you now have more time  for professional design in Pharmacy Upgrades. USP Announces Intent to Postpone Official Date of USP Chapter […]

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New Fire Rated Pass Through Cabinets

Continental Metal Products New Fire Rated Pass-Thru OR Cabinet Option is available for Operating Room to Sterile Core Installations.      Fire Marshall are requiring different codes be met in specific state and local requirements. Fire Rated Pass Through Chambers designed for Clean Rooms and Laboratories do not meet Operating Room Clinical Staff objectives. These […]

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Continental Metal Products Recessed OR Cabinets in ‘The Fugitive” Movie

Continental Metal Products Operating Room Cabinets star in “The Fugitive” Look what Continental Metal Products found!! CMP Stainless Steel Recessed OR Cabinets filmed live at Cook County Hospital, Chicago. Continental Metals’ beautiful Surgical Supply Cabinets, filmed alongside a 1993 Harrison Ford, Juliane Moore, Tommy Lee Jones and Jane Lynch. CMP cabinets have aged well, they […]

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