New Fire Rated Pass Through Cabinets

Continental Metal Products New Fire Rated Pass-Thru OR Cabinet Option is available for Operating Room to Sterile Core Installations.     

Fire Marshall are requiring different codes be met in specific state and local requirements. Fire Rated Pass Through Chambers designed for Clean Rooms and Laboratories do not meet Operating Room Clinical Staff objectives. These professionals needs can only be met by cabinets that are designed specifically for Operating Rooms Surgical Supplies. These nurses require cabinets with large capacity, wide viewing windows, and surgical functionality. 

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Fire Rated Pass Thru Cabinets in Operating Room and Sterile CoreExclusive Electronic Interlock Doors

CMP’s optional Electronic Interlock prevents  doors on the operating room side from moving  when the  opposing doors on the sterile core are opened. A more secure safety seal locks more tightly than mechanical interlock doors, providing by CMP’s fail-safe design.

Superior Separation and Protection

Ul label for 90 minutes to 3 hours, Fire rated options  for pass-throughs are customized to the exact opening specifications for total reliability and quick installation.

FailSafe Activation

System may be integrated to the building fire alarm control panel or they may be activated by local smoke detectors. Once notified by electrical signal, they close at a safe and reliable rate.

Enhanced Smoke Protection Available

Optional smoke and draft control conforms to UL1784 and assures that smoke will be compartmentalized with the fire and not spread quickly throughout the hospital, ensuring safe egress for occupants.

Pass Through Cabinets for all applications

Continental Metal Products manufactures Pass-throughs to meet all your Hospital Design challenges. 

  • Cart Pass Throughs are floor mounted for easy transport of surgical supply carts between the OR and Sterile Core
  • Single Door 24″  wide Pass through cabinets for walls with limited space available
  • Double Door Pas-Thru Cabinets in 36″, 42″ or 48″ wide models providing the optimal storage capacity
  • Heights of 60″, 72″ and 80″ for increase storage supply space
  • New Depth of 29″ Available allowing 24″ depth cabinets and warmers to be adjacent
  • Standard Depths of the 18″, 24″ and 36″

Hospital Pharmacy Pass Through Chambers and Cabinets to meet USP<800> and USP<797>

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