Reprocessing Sink

Reprocessing Sink for Hospital Sterile Processing 


CMP’s Reprocessing Sink  is designed to meet the high demands of hospital and surgery centers Sterile Processing Departments (SPD / CSSD). These beautifully crafted Decontamination Sinks increase complaince to Joint Commision standards in reprocessing departments and increase workflow efficiency.

Reprocessing Sink, stainless steel pegboard and pass through windows for hospital sterile processing department from CMP

CMP’s Reprocessing Sink


Decontamination sinks assist SPD techs to effectively clean surgical instruments manully. Utilization promotes saftey compliance .  The stainless steel sterile processing sinks are available in various configurations and 1-sink, 2-sink, and 3-sink models. Fixed hight as well as with height-adjustable equipment to address technical staff’s ergonomic requierments.

Detailed Specifications

CMP sink workstations are fully customizable for your facility at no additional charge.  They can be outfitted with any number of sinks , arranged with workspace on either or both sides of the sink(s). Lenght of sinks are designed to meet your space requirerments, with most ranging from 48″ to 120″. Sink sizes and depths can be specified in order to accomodate longer instruments and trays. Accessory placement and faucets can be customized as well. 

Adjustable Height Decontamination Sink

Hydraulically controlled, height adjustable ergonomic model decontamination sinks and Reprocessing Sink, can be adjusted for work heights of 34″ to 41″ . Providing for 7” variance in comfortable, vertical workspace to assist clinicians of all heights.

More info- Adjustable Height Sinks

Reprocessing Sink REVIT Families Available

Multisink Workstations Options

  • One, Two, and Three-Sink Models
  • Stainless Steel Under Shelf
  • Custom Sizes
  • Sink on Left or Right side in One Sink Model
    • Left End Splash
    • Right End Splash
    • no side splash
    • backsplash 
  • Adjustable height Ergonomic model
  • Multiple Customizable Plumbing Accessories;
    • Hot and Cold Pre Rinse Spray Fixture
    • Air Gun / Pistol with attachments for suction or drying
    • Distilled Water Faucet
    • Lever Handle Waste Drain enabling external drainage of sink bowls
    • Emergency Eye Wash
    • R/O – Reverse Osmosis Water
    • DI water

CMP offers the ideal solution with worksinks containing many standard features and customizable sizes and options. 

Organization and Workflow is optimized because every customer gets the exact worksink that makes the best utilization of their space and needs.

CMP has designed and manufactured Stainless Steel SPD and OR  for over 70 years. Our smart Sterile Processing solutions enable easy, fast, safe and effective medical device pre-cleaning as well as organization. Other popular products for SPD besides Reprocessing Sink include; Instrument Pegboards, Pegboard Cabinets and Pass through Windows. CMP assists surgical and reprocessing departments in many aspects of the dirty to clean processing. By applying a thorough understanding of ergonomics and the instrument cleaning environment, CMP helps healthcare providers provide greater clinical value for their patients by enabling optimal pre-cleaning processes.

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