Stainless Steel Pegboard Cabinet – New Size

Stainless Steel Pegboard Cabinet – Narrow Depth New SizeStainless Steel Pegboard cabinet 15 inch deep slopetop and base for Hospital and Surgery Center Central Sterile and Sterile Processing


Enclosing sterile instruments in a stainless steel pegboard cabinet has become an important requirement in many hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center Sterile Processing and Decontamination Departments. As Joint Commission regulations recommend, Sterile Processing Departments’ Instrument Peg Boards need to be protected in a clean environment. This popular Stainless Steel Pegboard Cabinet is now available in a space-saving new narrow depth size. When ordered in the popular 42″wide x 60″ high size, the cabinets can be designed in the narrow depth of 15″! This especially helpful in small decontamination rooms in surgery centers, ACS, and renovations in hospitals in urban areas where space is limited.

Standard Stainless Steel Pegboard Cabinet

These freestanding and Recessed Cabinets are available 24”, 36”, 42” or 48” wide x 60”, 72” or 80” high x 18”, 20” or 24” deep, as well as the new narrow depth size of 15″ in the 42″ wide x 60″ h model. Mobile Cabinets with total (4) total locking casters are available in all height and widths at 24″ deep.  These mobile cabinets are 24″ in order that they are secure and not top-heavy. Roll-up tambour doors are also a popular option to save additional space.


Cabinet Sizes & Info

All Stainless Steel Construction

Continental Metal Products know the importance of all stainless steel construction in their cabinets, pegboards, and accessories. Instrument organization and storage requirements have changed.  Hanging instruments in an open environment are not meeting stricter requirements.  Current guidelines require the elimination of wood or cardboard-based products and masonite pegboards, in favor of non-shedding materials, easily sterilized materials.  Additionally, enclosing sterile instruments in a cabinet is an increasing requirement in Central Sterile Service departments.  CMP only constructs their equipment is easy to disinfect stainless steel, and never recommends 25 zinc-plated hooks in the sterile processing department. All our recommended accessories of single hooks, double hooks and baskets are in sterile stainless steel.

Standard & Custom Sizes of Stainless Steel Pegboard Cabinet

With so many standard and custom sizes available,  a Stainless Steel Pegboard Cabinet from Continental Metal Products fits into any available space. Additionally, a variety of height options from 60″, 72″ and  80″ – plus the base and/or slope top,  help to maximize the use of vertical available space.  

Accessories for Stainless Steel Pegboard CabinetStainless Steel Surgical Instrument Pegboard Accessories for Hospitals and Surgery Centers Central Sterile Processing

Availability of a variety of Stainless steel Pegboard Accessories is important for easy rearrangement of instruments.

As patient numbers grow exponentially, varieties of procedures and new specialized instruments increase, it becomes more vital to maximize the available space in Sterile Processing and Central Sterile Services (CSS).

Sterile Processing Techs are challenged with fitting more materials in the same physical area. These limitations not only require that all available space is used to maximum capacity, but that storage and retrieval of items occurs quickly, accurately and safely.  Ergonomics becomes increasingly important. Well designed storage systems aid in effiency to organize instruments accurately and aid in work-flow activities.  Stainless Steel Pegboard Accessories provide comprehensive solutions to CSS storage. Storage must be easily reconfigurable in order to adapt to the changing quantity of items stored.  Accessories provide storagein  is the most effective way , consolidating items and minimizing wasted space.  Providing accurate inventory counts when increasing inventory turnover rates means having less of a particular item on hand.  Pegboards are easily labeled and  maximize space utilization provides that storage and retrieval of items easier.  Taking inventory faster and more accurate.

The Joint Commission on Quality & Pation Safety notes, “Surgical instrument processing errors are a barrier to the highest quality and safety in surgical care but are amenable to substantial improvement using Lean techniques.”

Utiliziation of these  tall CMP cabinets for instrument storage in the Sterile Processing Department ( SPD) and Central Sterile Supply (CSS) along with CMP’s variety of Stainless Steel Accessories will assist in meeting recommendations and requirements requiring hanging instruments vertically in a cabinet and storing in a clean environment. CMP has also expanded our product line to include stainless steel wall cabinets with enclosed instrument pegboard. 

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