New Pegboards and Cabinets for OR / SPD

New Size Pegboards and Cabinets for OR / SPD


To meet increasing demands for Stainless Steel SPD Hospital pegboards, CMP announces New Size Pegboards and Cabinets for the OR / SPD. Instrument organization and storage requirements are changing and more options are needed. Continental Metal Products’ hospital pegboards are manufactured in heavy-duty 304 Stainless Steel, the best non-porous surface for infection control. These medical-grade Peg Boards are easily disinfected and designed with the strength to support a large quantity of surgical instruments or a variety of heavy surgical or anesthesia equipment. These are no rough edges when you purchase a CMP medical-grade pegboard because they include a finished 3/4″ perimeter frame and do not need any additional framing.  These Pegboards and Cabinets for OR / SPD, assist in inventory management. Instruments are organized on the board or cabinet  by type and size. This allows for inventory to be checked regularly and easily. Sterile Processing techs can replace damaged or missing instuments without requiering taking instrumnts out of service or processing of an incomplete set. .

Stainless Steel Hospital Pegboard with Instruments and baskets in SPD


Stainless Steel Medical PegBoard 


With thousands of pieces of surgical equipment utilized, central sterile (CS) departments face an uphill battle in keeping pace with the cleaning and sterilizing of items, maintaining and inventory. To aid in organization, CMP offers the largest assortment of sizes in our standard line of Stainless Steel Peg Boards.


New Size Stainless Instrument Board / Pegboards and Cabinets for OR / SPD


SPD Pegboard Cabinet


Joint Commission regulations continue to change. Enclosing sterile instruments in a cabinet is an increasing requirement in many Central Sterile Service departments . More and more hospitals are finding that they need to protect their SPD Instrument Peg Boards in a dust-free environment. CMP has always provided enclosed Table Accessory cabinets to the Operating Room that include Stainless Steel Pegboards. These freestanding and Recessed Cabinets are available 24”, 36”, 42” or 48” wide x 60”, 72” or 80” high x 18”, 20” or 24” deep. 42″ wide x 60″ H cabinets are availeable in space saving 15″ deep. Mobile Cabinets with total lock castors are available in all height and widths at 24″ deep.These tall cabinets now play a role in instrument storage in the Sterile Processing Department ( SPD) and Central Sterile Supply (CSS). With recommendations and requirements requiring hanging instruments vertically in a cabinet and storing in a clean environment. Now we have expanded our product line to include stainless steel wall cabinets with enclosed instrument pegboard. 

SPD pegboards take advantage of wall space and leave a clear countertop to stage instruments.  In this way, process flow is optimized, and assists in staff in keeping organized, increasing productivity, ergonomics, and safety in the sterile processing department.


New Size Instrument Storage Cabinet

instrument storage cabinet for Hospital Sterile Processing department (SPD) - wall hung - contains pegboard


Pegboard Cabinet Information 


  • 36” W x 30” H x 12D.   WHG-3630-12

  • Available 24’, 30”, 36”, or 48” wide x 30” high x 12” deep



Importance of  Instrument Board and Cabinets

The processing instrument board is a stainless steel pegboard where instruments are hung by type and size. Sterile Processing staff should order extra instruments for their instrument pegboard. They are then able to replace missing or damaged instruments from the instrument board without having to take an instrument set out of service or process an incomplete set. Inventory levels should be established for each instrument and stock should be checked weekly so that orders can be placed for items below the ideal inventory level. These processes make it easy to ensure that the staff always has enough of all necessary types to keep full instrument sets in service. Contact CMP to learn more about Pegboards and Cabinets for OR and SPD.



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