Automated Roll-up Doors on OR Surgical Storage Cabinets

Automated Rolling Tambour Doors are now available on all Stainless Steel Surgical Storage Operating Room Cabinets.

Easy to Operate Roll-Up Doors

CMP offers a wide variety of motor and control options on OR cabinets with roll-up doors for hospital and ambulatory surgical centers. Often a  motor is required instead of a torsion spring operated rolling security tambour door or shutter.

The Surgical Cabinets with Automated Roll-Up Locking Doors  have a safety feature that will  stop door movement when any surgical supply gets in the way of the door’s movement path.

Roll-up Automated Tambour Doors on Stainless Steel Operating Room Cabinets

Options include:

The Roll-Up Tambour Doors can be operated with wall mounted switches, remote control or a touchpad  provides added security features. Touchpad control limits access to specifically designated clinicians via pin code . The remote control option automatically opening the door and works great for mobile surgical storage cabinets . The Roll-Up Locking Doors provide additional security for and medical and surgical supplies.

Space saving Roll-up Doors vs. Hinged Doors

Continental Metal Products Manufactures rolling tambour security locking doors to secure to surgical supplies and catheters while saving space.OR Cabinets with Roll-Up Locking Doors are great to use in place of hinged doors. These doors roll up instead of swinging out  so you can still open the doors when there is other surgical equipment nearby. Doors can be opened either manually or with a variety of control devices. Stainless Steel Surgical cabinets with roll-up doors means having less doors to open and close to find what you are looking for and lees keys to keep track of.

Models to Fit all Medical and Surgical Requirements 

Continental Metal Products Manufactures Stainless Steel Cabinets to meet every requirement and hospital or Surgery Center  unique space needs.

Modular Designed Surgical Cabinets to accommodate Surgical Supplies

These Automated Roll-up / Roll-down Tambour can be configured to house a wide range of surgical supplies and catheters.. Options include;

Learn more about all of Continental Metal Products’ options for surgical storage , manufactured out of sterile stainless steel .


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