Three Bay Surgical Scrub Sink

3 Bay Surgical Scrub Sink 


Continental Metal Products 3-Bay Surgical Scrub Sink is the perfect choice when there is at least 94-1/8” of available space outside of the Operating Room or Operating theater . Pictured here, the three station, triple compartment, full-sized Stainless Steel Surgical Scrub Sink provides room for multiple surgical staff to perform surgical scrubbing at the same time. Therefore, CMP’s scrub sinks are the best option for any operating room due to their superior craftsmanship, durability and reliability. Additionally, all CMP Three bay Surgical Scrub Sink Models provide for Hands-free operation. 

3-BAY SURGICAL SCRUB SINK., triple compartment with knee operated water and soap dispenser from Continental Metal Products


3-Bay Scrub Sink Standard Features

  • 94-1/8” wide x 27 ¼” deep x 38” high
  • Three stations or Compartments
  • Removable Plexiglass Splash Dividers
  • Heavy gage 304 Stainless Steel with #4 polished finish
  • Non-splashing Deep Sloping Tub
  • Chair Carrier Wall Brackets or Stainless Steel Pedestal Base
  • Gooseneck spout assemblies with a 1-1/2″ remvobable spray heads
  • Adjustable Thermostatic mixing valves, one per station  
  • Flow controll valve
  • Backflow preventors
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Triple Compartment Surgical Scrub Sink Optional Accessories:  

  • Touch-less infrared sensor water control
  • Knee Operated Soap Dispenser
  •  Sensor controlled Soap dispensers
  • Eye wash with mixing valve
  • Digital Timer
  • Non-aerating laminar flow faucets
  • Single and Multi-compartment Models
  • 220/240V, 50/60HZ
  • Seismic anchoring
  • Stainless steel wall shelf

CMP 3-Compartment Scrub Sink Models


  • 3-Bay Manual Surgical Scrub Sinks

    •  3-94AS – Knee Operated Water Flow Tempered water is easily turned on/off by  pressing the knee anywhere on labeled water panel.
  • 3-Bay Electronic Surgical Scrub Sinks (Infrared)

    • 3-94E – Infrared Sensor Controlled Water Flow Tempered water flows for as long as the operator stays within the sensor’s range.
  • 3-Bay Automatic Surgical Scrub Sinks

    • 3-94A – Digital Timer Controlled Water Flow Tempered water will begin to flow when the operator selects desired scrub duration from the digital timer. Water will
      automatically turn off when the timer  reaches zero.

Stainless Steel Surgical Scrub Sink


CMP’s 3-Bay Scrub Sink, as with all Continental Metal Products Surgical Scrub Sinks .  are manufactured with  a stainless steel hard metallic surface. This is the design of choice because  it makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere and survive. Stainless steel Scrub Sinks and all stainless steel healthcare equipment is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless Steels’ ant-microbial properties and the ability to easily remove harmful bacteria, mold and microorganisms make it the best choice to assist in preventing Surgical Site Infections (SSI’s) .

CMP offers the broadest availability of product models, sizes and options  of stainless steel surgeon sinks in the healthcare industry. This provides that  you can find the appropriate model and Scrub Sink Dimensions to fit your specific hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Center (ACS)  installation without sacrificing  sink sizing restrictions.


 REVIT for Surgical Scrub Sinks

CMP stives to make architects and medical equipment planners jobs easier by providing REVIT families for CMP’s full line of Surgical Scrub Sinks. By providing BIM models, CAD drawing, detailed equations and submittal drawing, hospital and ACS design professionals have easy and expedited access to the best tools to make the stainless steel healthcare equipment specification easy!

 Contact Continental Metal Products for REVIT Families

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