Pass Through Chamber vs Pass Thru Cabinet – USP 800

Size matters when specifying Pass Through Chambers and Cabinets

For compliance with USP<800> and USP<797> for Hospital Pharmacy remodel, renovations and build-outs, there are better options than small Pass Through Chambers. The new general chapter, USP 800 Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings, has created a lot of confusion around what types of Pass-Throughs are appropriate for the hazardous drug rooms, negative pressure rooms and positive pressure USP 797 clean rooms.  To provide for additional storage capacity, CMP recommends

These full size pass through storage cabinets are recommended to meet the requirements of hospital pharmacy staff much more than the smaller Pass Through Chambers.

Pass Thru Info and Cut Sheets

Larger Pass Through Cabinets

To comply with guidelines for USP <800> and <797> best practices, Pass through chambers, boxes and cabinets with interlocking doors are required. Utilization of Continental Metal Products’ Pass through cabinets with electronic Interlock provides compliance with increased storage capacity. Single door cabinet dimensions of 24″ x 60″ take up a small amount of horizontal wall space and provide far more storage capacity. More popular double door pass through cabinets with widths of 36″, 42″ and 48″ are the most often specified, with heights of 60″, 72″ and 80″.

Small Pass Through Chamber is too small for compliance with Hospital Pharmacy USP 800 and 797CMP Pass Through Cabinets with Interlocking Doors comply best with USP 800 and 797 for requirements for Hospital Pharmacies









Full View Hinged Glass Doors

Full view glass doors on Continental Metal’s Pass Through Cabinets provide ease of viewing of Pass through compounding materials and supplies. Smaller Pass through chambers with larger amounts of trim, do not afford the same visual field to the pharmacy staff.


Pass Through Chambers do not make the most of the available space 

By specifying larger Pass Through Cabinets vs smaller pass through chambers, you get the most value out of the available wall space. Utilization of a pass through cabinet of at least 24″ wide by 60″ high, provides increased, valuable storage space.  In comparison, storage capacity is much more limited in a 24″ square pass through chamber.


Increased Storage -Variety of Sizes

  • Available Widths: 24″ (610mm), 36″ (914 mm ), 42″ (1067 mm) or 48″ (1219 mm)
  • Available Depths: 18″, 24″, 29″ or 36″ (457,  610, 736.6 or 914 mm)
  • Available Height: 24″, 60″, 72″ or 80″( 1524, 1829 or 2032 mm)

Pass Through Chambers for Limited Space

Although the recommendation is for a full height Pass through Cabinet, CMP also manufactures

 and Pass Thru boxes for installations that do not provide the extra wall space needed for fuel-height Pass-through Cabinets.

Pass-Thru Chamber Size                                 Pass Through Chamber with interlocking doors meets USP 800 and 797- dimensions 24" x 24"

  • 24″ w x 24” h x 18 deep
  • 24″ w x 24” h x 24 deep

Popular Pass Through Cabinet Options

  • Interlocking Doors
  • Glass Doors both Sides
  • Solid Stainless Doors on Operating Room side for privacy
  • LED internal lights
  • Tinted glass to protect light sensitive pharmaceuticals 
  • Adjustable Stainless steel Shelves

Interlock Requirement

USP documents note; “Airlocks and interlocking doors can be used to facilitate better control of air balance  between a higher classified area and an area of lesser air quality (e.g., between the  buffer area and ante-area), or between a classified area and an unclassified area (e.g., between the ante-area and an uncontrolled area such as a hallway). If a pass-through is  used, it must only be opened one door at a time; both doors must never be opened at the same time” They define Pass through as; ” Pass-through: An enclosure with seals on interlocking doors that are positioned between two spaces for the purpose of minimizing particulate transfer while moving  materials from one space to another.”

Continental Metal Products provide compliance via our exclusive electronic interlock option. The interlock option insures that the interlocked door cannot be forced open, because it resists up to 500 lbs. of force.

REVIT Families Pass-Through Cabinets

CMP works hard to make it easier for Architects and Medical Equipment Planners to include Pass through cabinets in their plans for new hospital pharmacies. REVIT families are available upon request. REVIT / BIM families include Pass through cabinets, as well as pass through windows, Warming Cabinets, Scrub Sinks, OR Cabinets, Catheter Cabinets, and more!

 Contact Continental Metal Products for REVIT Families


Attainia Listed Pass Throughs 

Continental Metal Products’ Pass-Thru Cabinets , as well as CMP’s full product portfolio is fully supported by  Attainia’s Capital Planning Solution’s online catalog

As we get closer to December of 2019, facilities will continue to adapt their hazardous drug rooms to meet USP 800 compliance.

For further questions on Continental Metal Products Pass through Cabinets with Interlocking doors,  USP 800, and USP 797,  feel free to contact us today.


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