Lead Lined Pass Thru Window for X-Ray Protection

X-Ray Protection in Pass Through Window


CMP’s new Pass-Thru Window assemblies with X-ray Safety Glass, is  designed to easily be installed  into  Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging or Radiation Therapy areas of hospitals and ambulatory facilities.  Medical Diagnostic Imaging Rooms, Radiation Therapy Facilities or Industrial X-Ray NDT rooms require the safety of X-ray protection and shielding Gamma radiation. Simultaneously, these lead-Lined Pass Thru Window need to provide a clear view while additionally  providing  95% of UV protection.


Lead Lined Pass Through Window with X-ray Safety Glass

Lead-Lined Pass Through Window Sizes

  • 35.50” wide x 32” high

  • Optional Set down Counter or shelf – 33.5” wide x 17” deep 

Additional info & Literature

Lead lined pass-thru windows are utilized in areas where radiation is present. They offer clinicians the flexibility of passing  instruments and supplies in and out of a room, without risking exposure to  harmful gamma radiation. The X-ray safety leaded glass in the doors ensures safety.  To ensure strength and durability all components of the Pass-Through, including the body, doors, continuous hinge, frame and optional shelf, are all made from stainless steel.



•  Wall Mounted
•  Stainless steel type 304, 
•  Lead lined pass through has clean welded seams
•  Clear lead glass windows with 2mm lead equivalency  at gamma levels of 150 KVP


  • Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging

  • Radiation Therapy


  • Meets Federal Specification DD-G-451

  • NRCP Report Numbers 49 & 147

  • Permanently labeled as Safety Glass meeting ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR Part of 1201and Cat II as required

  • Meets impact penetration tests and the requirements to  “to reduce or minimize the likelihood of cutting or piercing injuries when said glazing is broken by human contact“. Per ANSI Z.97.1-2009

  • Higher lead equivalencies are available upon request9 of 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 3.7mm, etc)

 X-Ray Safety Glass meets all current glass safety codes for impact resistance and is permanently labeled accordingly as per  and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat 2 and IBC 2406 requirements for hazardous locations indoors and this is particularly applicable in a medical facility environment.





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