USP <800> Compliance Deadline – Pass Through Design

Good news! – Extended time to Comply with USP 800 Guidelines 

Hospital Pharmacies have been under pressure to comply with The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs: Handling in Healthcare Settings. Fortunately you now have more time  for professional design in Pharmacy Upgrades for USP compliance Pass Through Cabinet.

USP Announces Intent to Postpone Official Date of USP Chapter <800>

The Current status is that it is expected to become official that All facilities must be in compliance by December 1, 2019. 

Pass Through Info and Cut Sheets

“ASHP has continued to work with USP and earlier requested a delay in the implementation of USP Chapter <800> inUSP compliance Pass Through Cabinet in Pharmacy Installations of various sizes meeting USP 800 and USP 797 guidelines order to address necessary changes to the chapter and give organizations more time to budget and plan for implementation.”

“USP is announcing the intent to postpone the official date of General Chapter <800>. The purpose of this postponement is to align the official date of General Chapter <800> with the official date of the next revision of General Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding — Sterile Preparations, to provide a unified approach to quality compounding.”

USP compliance Pass Through Cabinet with Interlock Design Component in USP 800 and 797

Now that the status of USP 800 has changed, facilities have extended time to make prudent decisions regarding the best utilization of space in their pharmacy upgrades. Pass Though Cabinets with Interlock are an important componet in the overall design and layout of Pharmacy Upgrades.  It may be important to rethink the entire process and design.

Wall Mounted Pass Through Chambers

The use of wall mounted pass-thru cabinets are sometimes utilized when pharmacy staff are transferring single doses outside of the cleanroom. These small pass thru cabinets present a challenge when trying to transfer larger batches. 

Setting up a new process with larger format cabinets, allow bigger batches to be transferred out of the cleanroom, in this way, eliminating workflow issues and limiting exposure. 

Full Size Pass Though Cabinets and Cart Pass Throughs

By installing larger pass thru cabinets and pass-thru refrigerators, technicians can retrieve and load large batches onto carts without garbing PPE or entering the clean room environment.  The pass-thru Cabinets with Electronic Interlock will make a significant impact on the central pharmacy by providing a safer and more efficient transfer of large batches from the clean room environment to the outside area. USP compliance Pass Through Cabinet with Interlocked Doors to meet Pharmacy USP 800 and 797

Many challenges need to be overcome,  as facilities reconfigured their pharmacies to meet both USP<800> and USP <797> guidelines. Ensuring air exchanges remained in compliance with USP 797, can be extremely difficult in older existing hospitals. Space limitations compound these challenges.  Pharmacies need to analyze and determine which equipment will best meet their requirements.  New pharmacy layout demands that frequent service or replacement of the pass-thru cabinets cannot be tolerated as it would result in temporarily shutting down clean room processes. Interlocked Doors must form a tight seal. CMP’s Exclusive Electronic Interlocking Doors provide  a stronger seal than any mechanical Interlock. For this reason, selecting pass-thru cabinets that are designed for long-term quality and reliability is critical. 

USP compliance Pass Through Cabinet options

Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass Option prevents room light from entering into the inner cabinet and protects medications inside the cabinet

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass Option in Pass Through Cabinets allowing you to choose between privacy or visibility. requirment 

Precise Shelf Adjustability

Stainless Steel shelves are adjustable in .5” increments, eliminating wasted space between shelves, and easily facilitatating expansion and contraction of shelf capacity.

LED Lights

Syringe Hopper

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